The addiction issue seems to be creeping into every aspect of our lives. It’s in our homes, it’s in our society, it sneaks into our schools, our music, movies and even the way we get jobs, seek medical treatment and build families. Addiction seems to be literally everywhere. Ask anyone if they know someone who has been affected by addiction, and they will likely say that they do.

the addiction issueMany think that addiction is only a problem in the United States. They don’t realize that addiction – especially to substances – is a significant problem in many parts of the world. Some parts of the world struggle with alcoholism. Other parts of the world battle substance addiction in their people.

The point is, that addictions are changing. They are becoming more intense. Kids are starting to experiment earlier, and with the introduction of so many synthetic substances in so many areas, the effects are even stronger than they used to be.

Is it fighting a losing battle?

The addiction issue seems to be getting worse, and those who sell substances have become much cleverer about the way they distribute them to the world. Despite the fact that many law enforcement agencies are struggling to stop the illegal distribution of many different types of substances around the world, it doesn’t do as much as it should help address the problem.

Many feel that fighting the global addiction issue is a losing battle, because the sources of addiction vary so widely. Many people struggle with an addiction that started with prescription medications. Misuse, whether deliberate or accidental, is common and often leads to addiction. While new prescribing regulations have been put into place, it has also caused many to turn to illegal substances.

Getting closer

One thing that many experts feel is changing is the way that many of us view addiction. We are coming closer than ever to forming an understanding of addiction, and we are starting to gain a strong knowledge of how to finally start addressing the addiction issue and making some strides toward stopping it before it begins.

Through new treatment methods, new prevention measures and greater education, it is possible that the global addiction issue will become manageable with time. Until we find a way to completely stop it, it’s important to understand that every part of the world struggles with addiction. The source of the addiction might be different, but the issue and the problem is still very much the same all around the globe.