When Substance Abuse Turns Into an Addiction – Identifying it and Fixing it


opioid addictionWhen substance abuse turns into an addiction, it can come as quite a shock. How does this happen? When did it happen? Can you fix it? Would you fix it, even if you could? This is what it’s like for many who started innocently enough using substances in search of a good time. So, how do you identify the turning point?

Your substance abuse is becoming an addiction – how can you tell?

Okay, so you used to be able to just use a little for a good time, move on and keep living your life. You needed it, you didn’t need it, whatever. If it was there, cool, if not, no biggie. At some point, though, your good time substance abuse turns into an addiction. It’s like a button has been pushed and all the sudden, you’re thinking of your substance of choice all the time.

Not only that, but you’re thinking of ways that you can get your hands on it. Great. It gets worse, though, because now you’re getting sick when you’re not using, and you feel like crap almost all the time now.

How did you wind up in this horrible situation? Are you addicted now? Will you even be able to overcome this? More to the point, do you really want to? Wouldn’t it be just as easy to hide the addiction and keep using? You can control it, can’t you?

Well, you’re at a point right now where you need some honesty, and that honesty is simply – good luck controlling it. It’s not going to happen. The substance abuse that you used to engage in has likely become a physical dependence at least and at worst, you’re looking at a full on addiction. Controlling that is like hanging out with a rabid dog just for fun.

Your best bet – get started fixing it

So, since nobody’s out to judge, understand that honesty doesn’t equal judgment. It’s just time to take a solid look at your habits. If you think that the substance abuse you’ve been engaging in has turned into an addiction, the very best thing you can do is get started treating it.

Do what you can. Check out a meeting, find some treatment, or, contact us and let us help you find a great rehab that you can feel great about attending. If your leisurely substance abuse has turned into something more, don’t wait. Get the help you need to overcome it before it becomes worse than it needs to be.