Struggling with Ativan Withdrawals? Tips to Make Detox Easier


When you’re struggling with Ativan withdrawals, it can be really easy to go back and just have one more. How many times have you told Withdrawal Symptomsyourself that you would have, “just one more?” How many times have been, “Just this time?” Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with any type of addiction, this is the common way of thinking.

You might be having a hard time with the withdrawal symptoms of Ativan. That’s okay, but in order to really overcome your addiction to them, you need to be able to get through detox and cleanse it all from your system. It’s not a comfortable ride, but it can be done.

Common Ativan withdrawals you might experience

Now, if you haven’t started detoxing from Ativan yet, you might not know what the most common withdrawal symptoms are. That’s okay, because we have a list for you. In fact, you might start to feel pretty crappy soon after you skip out on taking this stuff, and here’s what you can expect for the next few days at least:

  • You might have a headache
  • You might feel nauseous and vomit
  • You might have a hard time sleeping and struggle with restlessness
  • You may notice more anxiety or even have a panic attack. Depression is also a common Ativan withdrawal
  • It’s also common to be agitated, irritable and even confused
  • You may struggle to enjoy things
  • You might notice that your hands and feet are numb

While this isn’t a full list of the common Ativan withdrawals you might experience, it is enough to give you a good idea of what you can expect when you stop taking this drug.

It’s important to note that even if you’re taking this medication legitimately, you might experience these symptoms because it’s easy to develop a physical dependence and addiction on this medication.

Making detox easier

If you’re going to have to go through detox from Ativan, you might as well figure out how to make it easier on yourself. When you have a prescription to this medication, you can talk to your doctor about getting off of it. He may prescribe you lower doses to help cut the withdrawal that you may go through and allow you to stop taking this medication.

If you’ve been taking it illicitly, you should know that you can still ease your detox process by choosing to visit your doctor or attend a detox facility to help you get through the scariest part of your Ativan withdrawals. It’s not easy to kick the addiction, but for many, the detox process is the most uncomfortable part. Knowing how to make the process easier can make a difference in your whole recovery journey.