Struggles People Face After Rehab – Returning to Life After


There are many struggles people face after rehab. It’s not easy to go from a safe environment that is free of the many kinds of distractions that make us want to use or drink, back into the real world. It’s not fun to have to feel like we have to work exceptionally hard every day to stay strong in our journey. But, this is what people go through when they find that their stay at rehab is over and they are going to be heading back out into the real world.

So, what do people go through when they return to life after rehab? What should you know to help make the transition easier for your loved one in recovery?

  • Choosing where to live. Of the struggles people face after rehab, this is one of the toughest ones. Where to live, go home or find another option, should you stay with someone? These are big questions, and ones that need to be addressed. Your loved one in recovery is likely going to want to find a way to stay committed to living clean and sober, but might also want some freedom to live and make her own choices, starting with the choice of where to live. Some choose a sober living facility, some choose to come home, and others choose to stay with a friend or family member. Being there for your loved one no matter what she chooses will help her feel that you support her without judgment or negativity.
  • Choosing how to make a living. Yes, you likely have your opinions here. You know that your loved one has been financially unstable for a long time. It might seem like she doesn’t want to work, but it could be that she just needs to find a way to balance work and aftercare with the rest of her life. Don’t be upset if your loved one chooses something part time or small to start with. If it helps her pay the bills, understand that she’s probably just not ready for the big time yet.
  • Fighting triggers, situations, and drama. One of the things that your loved one has been learning in treatment is how to cope with triggers, negative situations and even the drama that people throw her way. It’s also a common struggle that people face after rehab. Your loved one is going to need to decide how ready she is to face many of these things, so if she doesn’t want to be around someone, or she isn’t ready to go somewhere, simply understanding without asking can be the most powerful thing you do for her.

There are many struggles people face after rehab. It’s not like we think, where a person gets out of rehab and is just recovered from their addiction. Recovery is a way of life and it takes time, discipline and patience to learn. Remember that your loved one in recovery is still learning, so being supportive and understanding can really go a long way toward showing you care.