Staying Strong on your Recovery Journey – These tips can Help


Staying strong on your recovery journey can often be a really big challenge. Sometimes, even when you’re doing great in your program, you might be hit with a craving that is so intense you can justify just about anything if it means you can get high or drunk. This is common – and dangerous – but if you’ve experienced it, you know that all reason can go out the window during these times.

Other times, staying strong is more about what makes you feel complete even without using or drinking. Sometimes when we’re bored or uncomfortable, we find that we can become weak and lose determination to stay clean and sober.

Even if you’re staying at one of the top rated drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country, it is still possible to struggle a bit. So, these tips can help you keep going, even when you don’t want to:

  • Busy is good. When you’re busy and committed to your activities, it’s easy to decide to worry about something else later. Many in recovery find that when they are engaged in something, it becomes much easier to say, “I’ll deal with that later.” You’re giving yourself the freedom from a craving because you want to finish what you started with your activities.
  • Calm and stress-free matter. When you’re calm and have less stress, you’re going to find that those cravings and urges that originate from negative emotions are more likely to diminish. So, keep the drama away and do what you can to stay calm and reduce stress.
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits… When it comes to living a healthy recovery, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits makes a big difference. In fact, research shows that when you’re nutritionally balanced, get enough sleep and enjoy enough physical activity, you’re much more likely to enjoy long-term recovery success.
  • Do for you once in a while. Yes, take time out for yourself. Take note of how you feel when you’ve stopped all the other energies and demands of others. Sometimes, we feel pulled in all directions, and this can make us fatigued and frustrated. When you are able to do things that make you feel good, you’re re-energizing and building more emotional strength.

The thing is, nobody ever said that staying strong on your recovery journey would be easy, but it can be done. Take each day as it comes, and arm yourself with tricks and tools to help you when things feel negative, and you’ll find that you can enjoy a long-term healthy, happy recovery.