Sometimes Your Recovery Needs a Reset – Rehab Can Help


Sometimes, your recovery just needs a reset. You might be going along fine when the first relapse happens. Maybe it was just to see how much control you had, or how it would feel to get high or drunk again. Maybe after it happened, you went back to not using or drinking. You chose to recommit to your recovery journey, but a few weeks later, temptation hit again.

This happens. It’s life in addiction recovery, but it can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, even those who really love being clean and sober find that with just a few wrong choices, they are back to using or drinking all the time.

Others find that they just want to use or drink occasionally, but they are struggling with controlling their abuse again. In any relapse situation, it’s not uncommon to struggle more than you would like to. Some people never use again after that last time, but others relapse time and again.

You Might Not Know that Relapsing Isn’t Failure

When we relapse, it’s easy to worry that we’ve done all kinds of things to let ourselves and our loved ones down. What will they think when they find out that we became “weak” and went back to use or drink again? Often, the very people that can help us to redouble our efforts toward recovery are the same ones we work to avoid like the plague because we just don’t want to disappoint.

Letting ourselves down is one thing, letting our friends and family down is another entirely. However, you need to know that relapsing isn’t failure. It’s a sign that there is something that needs to be dealt with or treated. It might be work or home life stress, it might be that you’re not feeling very good lately, or it could even be that you’ve begun to lose weight or experience body changes again.

Studies show that many substances remain in the fat cells of the body for years, and if you lose weight or burn off that fat, it can release your old drug of choice and make you have incredibly hard to fight cravings and urges.

However, even if you haven’t burned off excess fat, and you’re just having a tough time, relapsing isn’t failure. This is especially true when you recognize what’s happening and do your best to get back on track with your recovery.

Recovery is a long-term life change

You should know that recovery from an addiction is actually a long-term life change. Many times people forget this as they move away from their addictions and more into all the challenges and stressors that life can throw their way. They get busy working and taking care of responsibilities, and forget to make themselves a priority.

In these cases, it’s important to reconnect with your recovery, so you can stay close to it and remember why you’re in the middle of it in the first place. Many people who have been clean and sober for years still attend meetings to help them remember what they are working on – and toward – and help them maintain strong bonds with others who are dealing with the same things that they are.

If you find that you relapse, it’s time to take another look at your recovery journey, and how connected you are. You may find that your recovery actually needs a refresh, and that something like meetings are a great way to get back to the basics of living clean and sober. If you completed a step based program, but it’s been a while, you may find that working through the steps again helps you to reinforce your recovery.

If you originally went with a non-step based recovery approach, realigning your life with the tools you learned while in treatment can be an excellent way to connect and get back on track living clean and sober.

When Group Meetings Won’t Help

Sometimes, we’ve gone so far into relapsing that group meetings will no longer do the trick. In this case, it might be time to check out rehab again. Many people think that having to go to rehab for relapsing is something to be ashamed of, but it may be just what you need.

There is something in your life and your world that is causing you to continue to want to relapse, and you need to find out what that is. It could be that you just didn’t use your aftercare program from the last time you were in treatment. Or, it could be that an outpatient program did great for a while, but that you’re discovering you need something more.

Rehab helps people stuck in the relapse cycle all the time. It gives them time to focus on themselves and figure out what keeps them relapsing so that they can finally stop it from happening. Many people try to get clean and do a great job for a time only to find that once they relapse, they simply cannot stop.

Or, it’s possible that you have an undiagnosed dual diagnosis, and until the underlying emotional condition is addressed, you’re not going to see the full recovery you might be hoping for.

You may even find that if you were in rehab in the past, the program just didn’t really mesh with you and your beliefs. It’s possible that trying a different type of program can do wonders to help you finally “get” recovery and stop relapsing for good.

The goal, when you attend rehab is to find a place and a program where you really want to be. A place where you just seem to fit and understand. A place where you feel like you’re understood, as well can make a tremendous difference in how you do when overcoming your addiction.

Finding the Right Rehab This Time

When you’re thinking that rehab might help you reset your recovery, you need to know where you can go to get the care you need and stop relapsing for good. At Elite Rehab Placement, we understand why you need rehab this time. We know how it feels to want to stop using or drinking, but not being able to make it happen.

That’s why our caring treatment specialists are going to walk with you through the whole process. So you can find a rehab where you really enjoy your treatment and your journey, and you can know without a doubt that this is what you want to be doing.

Add that to the ease with which we help you determine your insurance benefits, and find out what you’ll be paying out of pocket, as well as find rehabs that work with your insurance plan, and you’re going to have one of the easiest times you’ve had in a long while.

You give us a call, we find out what’s covered and what’s not, and then we talk to you to find out what you like, what you don’t like, and what your life needs are so that you can attend the right rehab for you and your recovery this time. When we’ve found you a few great options, we’ll give you a call and talk about which ones we think will work and why. Our treatment specialists will even help you to decide where you want to go, and then set the whole thing up for you.

If you’re tired of relapsing time and again and trying to control something that you know is just going to keep getting worse, it might be time to give your recovery a reset and head to rehab again. If you’re ready, we’re waiting. Give us a call today.