Sober Season Tips 101

Now that it is getting colder out, many people find their moods begin to drop. If you notice this is happening to you or it usually does, you can greatly benefit from sober season tips. These tips can help anyone who is getting addictionDrug Rehab for Men treatments, anyone who is trying to get sober or anyone who is years into their sobriety. Being able to prevent a relapse may not always be easy but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. In fact, there are many people who attended an addiction rehab center program, you still have difficulty staying sober. However, with the sober season tips below they have made it and you can too.

Recovery Activities

The fall and winter chill can really get to some recovering addicts. They may feel like there isn’t much to do since it is cold outside. This can bring about boredom, irritability and even depression; none of which are healthy for recovery. If you want to prevent these things from happening, there are many recovery activities that might be right for you. There are many 12 step group leaders who through holiday parties. You may even find that many local rehabs thrown recovery activities for anyone who is working on their sobriety and recovery.

Host a Party

Around the holidays, you might be invited to many parties. Some of the people who invite you, you might know are going to have alcohol served during the party. This could be dangerous for your sobriety especially if you do get bored or irritable during this time of the year. What can you do about this? Well, you can choose to host a party yourself. You can invite other recovering addicts or close friends and family who you know will support your sober party.

Keep Numbers Nearby

If you are struggling with staying sober as the weather gets colder or you think you will be, it is important to keep numbers nearby. This is something that can help you at any time during your recovery but especially through the difficult times. Having numbers nearby allows you to quickly call someone if you have a craving or urge to drink.

These are some of the best sober season tips that you may want to add to your recovery and relapse prevention plans. Making sure that you have a plan allows you to relax more throughout the coming seasons so you can stay sober.