Signs of Ritalin Abuse you Really Need to Know


opioid addictionDo you want to know the signs of Ritalin abuse? When it seems like something is off with our friends or family members, we usually have a pretty good idea of what that something is. When it comes to substance abuse, it might take a little time to notice, but once we do, it’s nearly impossible to ignore. There are also some things that make us wonder just what that substance is.

While some signs, like being obviously high are usually pretty common with almost any type of substance abuse, there are some things that go with Ritalin abuse specifically:

  • Weight loss. Ritalin is a stimulant. That means that it boosts everything from your heart rate to your metabolism. For those who are abusing or addicted to Ritalin, it is common to notice some weight loss. Take note that it could be part of the reason why your loved one started taking Ritalin in the first place.
  • No appetite. One of the more positive side effects for many, when you’re taking Ritalin, you might not be hungry. Part of this has to do with the stomach pains that Ritalin abuse causes, and part of it has to do with the natural function of the medication.
  • Feeling faint and having headaches. Ritalin increases the heart rate and it also increases the blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause you to suffer from headaches. Also, when your heart is beating so rapidly, it can have a negative impact on your whole body.
  • This is one of those signs of Ritalin abuse that contradicts itself, but often, when someone is abusing this substance, they become very tired. Partly due to the fact that they can’t sleep well when they want to, and partly due to the fact that taking Ritalin in any way other than directed often causes you to just stay awake.
  • Abuse of any substance has been known to cause depression. It often has to do with the way that substances mess with the mood stabilizing hormones that are so important to the wellbeing of all of us. When you abuse Ritalin, you experience such a high, and those hormones flood our bodies, only to plummet when the effects wear off.
  • Sweating and rapid heart rate. Sweating and a rapid heart rate go hand in hand. Your body heats up with stimulants, and Ritalin is no different. So, it’s likely that you’ll notice your loved one sweats when he has been using this substance.

While these are by no means the only signs of Ritalin abuse, they are some of the more obvious that you might notice. If you think your loved one has an addiction to this, or any substance, give us a call. We can help you find the treatment option that works for your needs.