Self Detox – There are Other Options


Self detox might seem like the best way to get started on your recovery journey, but is it really? It’s important to consider why you really want to go through this process on your own, as well as some of the better options out there before you commit to any one method to help you cleanse your system so you’re ready for the next stage of overcoming your addiction.

Reasons you probably want to consider self detox

Now, you’re going to have your own reasons for trying to go through a self detox process as opposed to heading to a detox facility. Much of the time, this has to do with cost and time. It makes sense, really. Many people feel they simply cannot afford to go through the process with a facility and then go to rehab. It can be an expensive business to get clean and sober, but there are ways to pay for it that can ease the burden and help you get the recovery tools you really need, and that starts with detox.

You might also be thinking you don’t have the time to go through detox in a facility, so self detox will make things easier. Here, you should think again, because going it alone isn’t going to save you any time at all. In fact, it might slow you down, because the process could take longer than you anticipated it would.

Actually, detox facilities go a long way in making cleansing your system easier for you and your whole life. They might offer medications, and alternative therapies that have you feeling better sooner than if you were to try going through this time on your own.

Look at all your options

If you do nothing else for yourself, look at all your choices before you choose to go through self detox. Detox can be dangerous, and even life threatening. While you’re not going to want to be holed up in some medical facility for days and days, it’s often preferable to the alternative, which includes serious complications.

So, before you even choose to start going through detox, consider all your options, because there are many. You’ll find ways to finance a stay, how to save time by starting treatment while you’re still going though detox and learn about the different types of facilities you can choose to attend.

Don’t think that self detox is your only option, because when it comes to addiction recovery, you might just find that a different detox method is actually far better for your needs than going through it all alone.