Seeking Top-Rated Alaska Rehab? We Can Help

Alaska truly is an amazing State full of majestic beauty, friendly people, and magnificent vacation spots that many only dream of visiting. Surely, you’ve some television shows portray pictures of the beautiful mountains, pristine lakes, and golden meadows. However, you may not have seen pictures of the those who are struggling with alcoholism and addiction. Yes, despite how amazing Alaska truly is, addiction still finds its way there.

According to the Alaska State Troopers, there has been a gradual rise in the addiction of prescription drugs, as well as meth, heroin, and other opiates. Because of the ease of acquiring alcohol, the disease of alcoholism is also running rampant in Alaska.

Alaskan natives hit hard by alcoholism

Alaskan natives have been hit hard by the disease of alcoholism. In fact, fetal alcohol syndrome rates are 3.5 times higher than other Alaskans and 7 times higher than the national rate. Alaska natives also have a higher rate of suicide, with alcohol contributing to about 70% of those suicides. Meaning, 70% of those who do commit suicide are under the influence of alcohol.

Domestic abuse and violence are also steadily rising, associated with a higher rate of alcohol abuse. As in any state, addiction can take hold of a segment of people and turn their lives and their loved ones’ lives upside down. It can truly be disheartening for all.

The legalization of marijuana

In 2014, the use of marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Alaska. Some people now call Alaska the marijuana exporting state. There are many people growing marijuana in Alaska and exporting it to others in the country. Though efforts are made to educate citizens and keep them safe, there are still many who are not aware of the dangers associated with the use of marijuana.

Remote communities

There’s a lot of open space in Alaska, and there could be hundreds of miles between one community and another. Efforts at establishing top-notch Alaska rehab drug treatment centers are oftentimes hampered by the remoteness of such communities. Still, the state of Alaska is trying hard to provide ample alcohol and drug rehab centers for those who are struggling with addiction. They’re working hard at providing a holistic solution to the disease of addiction, helping addicts detox and learn various strategies to remain sober and clean.

The need for top-notch Alaska rehab and drug treatment centers

Just as in every other state in America, Alaska needs the best Alaska rehab and drug treatment centers in key areas throughout the state. Good news is that there are reputable Alaska rehabs already set in place for those who are struggling. For those addicts who want to learn how to build a new life sober and drug-free, it may simply require them to reach out for help from such quality rehabs.

Inpatient and outpatient Alaska rehab

The best Alaska rehab and drug treatment centers usually offer two choices for the struggling addict. There’s inpatient and outpatient rehab options.

·        Inpatient Alaska rehab

An inpatient alcohol and drug treatment center is a facility where a person who was wanting to get sober and clean physically goes to stay at the center for a short period of time. Oftentimes, this period is 30 days, but it can proceed to 60 or 90 depending on the needs of the individual. This type of rehab is perfect for those who can take a break from their job or can just pick up and leave for a short time. These types of rehabs work well for many people because they are removed from their immediate environment, and are able to completely focus on their recovery without having triggers or people around that may be bad influences.

Top-notch inpatient Alaska rehab centers have substance abuse professionals that can monitor a patient quite well. They will offer an initial assessment and come up with a treatment plan to be followed. A patient will be able to receive counseling and oftentimes attend 12-step support groups. An after-care treatment plan will be set in place that can help the recovering addict learn how to cope with cravings and triggers when they return home. This is often called a relapse prevention plan.

Is an inpatient Alaska rehab for you?

Inpatient rehabs aren’t for everyone, but they are quite valuable. It is important to stop drinking and drugging, but also learn some about the disease of addiction. It may be necessary to deal with some emotional issues that are going on in a patient’s life. Perhaps someone is dealing with depression or a mental illness like bipolar or borderline personality disorder. By attending an inpatient rehab and being assessed by a mental health professional, a diagnosis can be made and a treatment plan set in place. In order for long-term sobriety, it is essential to do a little bit of digging underneath the surface to see perhaps what led to chemical dependence in the first place.

Keep in mind that there are usually strict rules at an inpatient treatment center. Often, you will not be allowed to bring your phone or your technology devices. Or if you are allowed, your time on them will be limited. There will be a schedule and you will be expected to follow that schedule. Rest assured the staff will be pleasant and you’ll have free time as well. It’s not a prison! You are not legally bound to stay at the treatment center, so if you feel constrained, relax knowing that you have the freedom to leave. Also, know that the rules are set in place for your best interest. The professionals want the best for you! When you can keep this in mind, you’ll be more apt to follow the rules.

·        Outpatient Treatment

For those who cannot up and leave their home and attend an Alaska rehab center, many rehabs have outpatient treatment available. You still receive treatment, but you attend sessions throughout the week rather than live at the center. Most people attend three to four sessions per week to begin with. You’ll still get to meet with counselors and most likely meet in a group setting at times as well. You’ll still learn about the disease of addiction and create a treatment and relapse prevention plan. Outpatient treatment can be highly effective when a patient is determined to work with their professionals.

Regardless of where you live, you can get free from addiction

Whether you’re seeking and Alaska rehab treatment center or you’re seeking one in another part of the nation, the reality is that there is help available for the disease of addiction. No longer do you have to struggle day to day, wishing you could stop drinking or drugging. No longer do you have to wake up in the morning disgusted with yourself because you’ve relapsed again. No longer do you have to feel so alone in this struggle.

Even if you’ve tried to get clean or sober by yourself many times, or even attended rehabs and relapsed time and time again, we encourage you to try again. Oftentimes, it takes an addict several relapses and perhaps even a rehab or two before they enjoy a successful long-term recovery. Don’t allow your past setbacks to keep you from trying again. You’ve been learning lessons all along the way. You’ve been learning about yourself, about addiction, and about life in general. There comes a time when it’s just your time! You never know when it’ll be the very last time you take a drink or drug. This could very well be it for you!

No matter how many times you’ve relapsed, try again

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drug abuse, it’s time to reach out for help today. It’s time to start putting your life back together and not letting the disease of addiction control your life. Millions of people have gotten sober and clean throughout the years, and you can too. It will require you to put forth a good bit of effort into your recovery, and keep an open mind in the process. But, you can do it. You deserve to have an amazing life free from the pull of addiction. Free from being controlled by substances that cause you to become a person that you are not.

If you’re seeking an Alaska rehab center, give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect one for you. If you’re seeking a treatment center in any other part of the nation, please reach out to us as well. We take pride in assisting people to connect with rehab centers with substance abuse professionals at treatment centers, so that they can get their lives back and create the kind of life that they really want.