When many people think about rehab for men, they think they will be entering into the typical rehab situation where men sit around all day and commiserate about their problems and addiction.  The truth about a rehab exclusively for men is that there are many different types of addiction therapy that guys will be able to benefit from, and it’s not just in a group situation.

Yes, rehab for men still includes counseling

In fact, rehab for men features both group and individual counseling.  Both of which have been designed to provide guys battling addiction with valuable tools to understand themselves and their addiction better, and fight cravings when they come.  Counseling has been found to be an extremely important part of addiction therapy, so it is always incorporated in addiction rehab.

Group therapy helps patients to see that they are not alone in their battle against addiction, and build essential support on the road to recovery.  Individual therapy helps those battling addiction to understand events that have occurred in life to encourage alcohol and/or substance abuse.  The combination of these therapies can be a powerful weapon in the fight against addiction.

rehab for men 1Still more benefits

In addition to counseling, however, rehab for men features many different types of therapy to aid in the battle against addiction.  Some of the more common types of treatment include stress management techniques.  Practices such as yoga and meditating are just a few of the methods for stress relief that patients will learn.

Total body wellness is also a major factor in addiction recovery, so in many rehab for men settings, there will be a strong focus on health and wellness.  Patients enjoy healthy, well balanced meals, and can learn to cook the same foods after they leave rehab and return home.

There are also many different activities designed to help those battling addiction to feel strong and healthy, while keeping minds busy so triggers can be avoided and relapse can be better prevented.

If you’re thinking that rehab for men is just a bunch of guys sitting in a circle talking as a way to treat addiction, then you haven’t taken a good look at one lately.  Give us a call at Elite Rehab Placement today to find out more about choosing the right rehab for your needs.