Rehab Facilities Choosing to Stick with What Works – Experimental Drugs and Treatments Don’t Always Work for People


Rehab facilities that can offer some of the most cutting-edge therapies and treatments are often the most sought after, but lately, it’s coming to surface that these treatments might work much better on rats than on people. For many, the promise of an easier recovery is lost when they discover that these experimental treatments simply don’t work because, in short, the user isn’t of the rodent family.

This has caused many rehabs to do away with cutting edge, experimental treatments in favor of less risk and what works for them. For you, the good news is that you’re not adding another drug – prescription or not – that you’ll have to take forever, but the bad news is that you’re on your own when you do have to start kicking your addiction.

This leads us to the question of the truly effective treatments that many rehab facilities are trying, as well as what clearly doesn’t work.

When Rehab Facilities Aren’t Positive their Treatments Work

When a rehab isn’t completely sure that the treatments they want to employ work, they have to sell their concepts and mention that it’s experimental. Now, the thing to know is that there are many experimental treatments out there that might be amazing. Take the drug, 18-mc. In rats, this drug is showing significant benefits for quitting using or drinking and not even having the urge.

Essentially, what it does for addicted mice is helps to eliminate cravings and urges. It’s no small feat, but is it safe? And will it work? While this drug is in the early stages and still has to be tested on larger subjects – like humans – it is showing great promise.

So, what’s holding it back? Well, the safety of it, for starters. There is no guarantee that it will be safe to give addicts the amount of this drug that will be necessary to help eliminate the addiction. So, this new drug has been called the “cure for addiction.” But if it’s not safe, it’s not going anywhere.

Now that it’s been a couple years, researchers have found that it can even be helpful in fighting addiction to heroin, so it’s still in the game, but is it safe and does it really work? The jury is still out, and now, two years later, 18-mc is still being tested and worked with.

Ibogaine, its natural cousin, has been shown to work for some, but it creates its own type of high and can be deadly in some cases. It is illegal in the United States, so rehabs can’t even touch this type of treatment, but in other countries, it is used, often successfully, to help addicts start living clean of the source of their addictions, without the negatives like cravings and withdrawals.

The bottom line is that many experimental drugs simply don’t work on people, and for many rehabs, the risk is just too great to introduce experimental drugs to those who want to get clean off another substance.

What we know Works for Sure

However, there are some treatment modalities that do work for sure, and lots of rehab facilities work with these programs to help their residents achieve an addiction-free lifestyle. They are proven safe and effective, and the risks are small to none.

Take nutrition as an example. For years and years, rehabs have given their residents all manner of junk foods. The idea is that food is soothing, and putting on weight is good, as long as it’s weight. It means you’re getting healthy. Unfortunately, these junk foods are full of all kinds of sugars and unhealthy fats and don’t do much in the way of nutrition. For those who have addictions that affect the stomach and GI tract, eating is often a challenge at first. When sugar enters the equation, it works in a couple of ways. For alcoholics, when blood sugar levels drop, the craving for sugar is often misinterpreted as a craving for alcohol.

For people that struggle with other addictions, the sugar hits the same pleasure center of the brain as their drug of choice. Thus, it’s easy to see why an addiction to sugar quickly develops.

Many rehab facilities are now working to incorporate healthy nutrition because of the many benefits that foods can

Nutrition and Recover

have. Diets that are high in amino acids, like lean meats and fish, can help to rebuild the delicate neurotransmitters that have been destroyed by using or drinking. Foods high in B vitamins offer energy. Healthy fats and whole grains can help to soothe the GI issues that many who are overcoming an addiction to opioids struggle with, and keep blood sugar levels stable. Whole foods that are not processed are also taking center stage for a good reason.

Other alternative treatments, such as Yoga, mindful meditation, journaling, gardening, and equine therapy have also been proven to be effective at giving people in recovery from addiction the connection they need, as well as the distraction that will help them to fight those uncomfortable urges and cravings.

The Many Benefits of Healthful Living for Recovery

Healthful living might seem to be a given for many, especially when you’re in recovery from an addiction. However, it’s not always the case. The trouble is that when it comes to maintaining your progress and staying clean and sober, your chances increase dramatically when you choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Not only can you boost your chances of staying clean and sober, but you can also minimize the negative effects of withdrawal symptoms. If you can eat during detox, getting the nutrition you need can help make the process much more comfortable. If you can’t manage to hold anything down, don’t worry, you’ll get to get started eating right and living healthy soon.

Since addiction is both a physical and emotional thing, it’s important to take a whole body approach to your recovery, too. Yoga and meditation can help calm you and give you the ability to work through stressful situations that often affect so many in recovery.

As an added plus, when we’re working to overcome addictions, we need to be able to boost the mood stabilizing hormones that give us a sense of purpose and desire to keep going day after day. Exercise can help with this, even when you haven’t been able to eat right, and sleep helps to calm the body and mind so you can make better decisions each day.

It’s Time to Find the Right Treatment for You

If this sounds pretty interesting to you, and you’ve gotten this far into the article, it’s time to talk about rehab facilities, and what life would be like if you chose to check into one. It’s time to take that next step and see what it’s like to be truly healthy for a change.

You don’t have to force yourself to do something you aren’t thrilled about, but changing your life with the help of the right addiction treatment program can be incredibly powerful. Many who are successfully living addiction-free have said that they feel like they can accomplish anything now. So can you.

If you’re feeling limited by finances, you shouldn’t. There are lots of ways to pay for a stay in a rehab facility, and there are lots of different treatment options out there. If you’re thinking that you’re just going to relapse, stop thinking that way. You might, but it won’t keep you from getting back on track. If you’re worried that life will be different, it will. It will be the life that you’ve chosen to create for yourself.

So, you might not be able to take a pill that will make you just not want to use or drink anymore, but you can learn how to live a healthy, happy, well-rounded and fulfilling life that you can be proud of. The right rehab is going to help you get there. Even better is that there are lots of options to choose from. Gone are the days of feeling “trapped” in rehab, because, these days, many treatment facilities are more like a retreat than a place to kick an addiction.

So, why not give us a call today?  Our professional, caring counselors understand what you’re going through. They know how scared you are, and they’re eager to help you take that next step to overcoming your addiction. They’ll get to know you, your needs, your preferences, and even where you want to go to start your new life.

We’ll help you navigate the tougher waters, too, like insurance. If you have it, you should use it, and we’ll help you understand your coverage and find facilities that work with your insurance. You’ll cut a ton of out of pocket costs, and be able to get the treatment you need without worrying.

There are lots of rehab facilities to choose from, and if you’re one of the many who just doesn’t know where to start, it’s time to give us a call. Let us help you to choose a treatment program that will truly help you kick your addiction and really get started on the road to recovery. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so why not start taking control and getting the life that you really want to have?