Drug Addiction: A Look into Rehab Barriers

 Having a family member who is into drug addiction is never easy. This is the main reason why families seek help for rehabilitation from medical professionals. However, there have been a number of cases wherein the much-needed rehab never pushed through because of certain barriers, including fear.  Accordingly, drug addicts have difficulty submitting themselves for treatment. Different reasons have been cited for this.

 Before looking into these reasons, let us first discuss why some individuals are into drug addiction. What could be the main factors that pushed them to abuse prohibited substances?

 Why People Become Drug Addicts

 Four common reasons have been frequently cited as the culprit behind someone’s addiction to drugs:Librium Abuse

  1.  Pleasure. Dangerous drugs have the ability to make a person experience so much pleasure. The effect brings a certain level of strong emotions wherein the person taking it feels like he or she has acquired superhero powers. There are satisfaction and increased energy. A drug addict, who is usually shy, suddenly becomes self-confident because of the chemicals present in the drugs.
  2. To fight anxiety. Running away from the deep feeling of sadness and restlessness is what someone who is battling depression and anxiety would like to achieve. With the help of drugs, he or she somehow forgets about these deep emotions temporarily. Nevertheless, as the effect of the drugs wears off, that is when addiction starts because the person has the tendency to take some more to prolong the “relax” feeling.

  3. Pressure from the people around them. The pressure a person receives from home, school, or at work influences him or her to go into drug abuse. You must understand that people have different mechanisms to cope with stress.

  4. Curiosity. As friends push someone to try drugs, a strong feeling of curiosity may kick in eventually. The person might be influenced later on especially if he or she wants to prove his or her independence.

Drug Addiction and Fears for Rehab

Womens Drug RehabBased on the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health results, 21.5 million Americans, particularly those between 12 years old and above, had substance use disorder.

In the meantime, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 5.6 percent of people between the age of 15 and 64 globally consumed drugs at least once in 2016. Of these 275 million people, 34 million admitted to having used opioids, while 19 million took opiates.

Amid a large number of those who are into drug addiction, it could be noticed that rehabilitation has remained a concern. Many drug addicts have yet to submit themselves for treatment.

In a study published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the 312 respondents identified several reasons why they did not opt to undergo drug addiction treatment. Among the so-called barriers to treatment are the following:

Privacy-Related Concerns

Privacy-related concerns are a big thing when it comes to encouraging someone to visit a drug addiction rehabilitation facility.

Of the 312 respondents, 36.5 percent said that they do not like talking in groups, while 35.6 percent noted that they do not want to talk about their private life with other people, and 32.1 percent just simply hate being asked about their personal life.

Difficulty in Admission

The difficulty of getting a slot for treatment was cited by 34.3 percent of the respondents as something that hampers them from seeking rehab. Meanwhile, 15.7 percent no longer want to go through a lot of steps just to get treated.

Poor Availability of Treatment

The inaccessibility and unavailability of a facility have caused some drug addicts not to get rehab. In fact, 20.2 percent of the study’s subjects shared this.

Fear towards Treatment

The bad experience they had with treatment before stopped 16 percent of the respondents from undergoing the process once again, while 10.6 percent said that they are afraid of what is going to happen while they are being treated.

Moreover, the fear towards going to a drug addiction rehabilitation center can also be attributed to the uncertainty of who they might meet during their treatment, according to 7.4 percent of the total respondents. Another 7.4 percent said that they are too shy to do it.

Conflict in Schedule

According to 12.5 percent of those asked during the survey, they are not interested in the rehabilitation and treat their substance abuse because they have a lot of things to do at home.

There is No Problem

Some of the subjects, 12.5 percent of them to be exact, think that they have no problem with drugs. Thus, there is nothing to be addressed. Furthermore, 12.2 percent pointed out that no one has ever told them that they have drug addiction problem that has to be treated.

Bad Support

Peer pressure could be very powerful than 9.3 percent of the respondents revealed that their friends told them not to undergo treatment, while 8.3 percent that they might lose their friends if they decide to finally enroll in a drug addiction rehabilitation center.