Addiction is a condition affecting millions of Americans, 12 years old and over. Its effect is not only harmful to the person addicted to the substance but also to everyone around him or her. It has ill effects on the health and the overall well-being of an individual.

Being addicted to substances can take away so many good things in a person’s life. It can cause one to lose their home, job, and even loved ones. In the process, an individual can lose his sense of self. It can get to a point where they could barely recognize themselves if they’re not under the influence of the alcohol or drugs. This is especially true if they have been abusing and have been suffering from addiction for a long period of time. Unfortunately, they only feel normal if they are using these substances.

Something Can Be Done!

All hope is not lost for anyone going through addiction. A Rehabilitation program is available to address the issues that led to the condition. There are many factors that contribute to it and each of these need to be looked into to guarantee a successful recovery.

The first of the many steps that need to be done is to honestly recognize that there is a problem and that something should be done about it. This can be in a form of self-assessment or through the intervention of concerned individuals.

How Rehab Helps Revive Your Sense of Self

Several methods are employed inside a rehab center to help a person recover from addiction. These steps are necessary to bring back who the person once was prior to getting hooked on substances. Among them are:

Sobriety – Detoxification is the process where an individual refrain from the substance that caused the addiction. The body gets rid of the alcohol or drugs to make sure that the patient is physically stable and healthy. This is one of the hardest stages of getting yourself back. This is also the point where one will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Close monitoring by a medical professional is needed as detox can both be dangerous and painful. Thus, going to a reputable rehabilitation center is important to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.

Therapy or Counseling – This process can either be done individually or in a group. It basically looks into the reasons why the condition is existing as well as all other issues that contributed to it. Processing the feelings and thoughts of a person is essential for the patient to get to know themselves once more.

Among the things discussed during this stage are the motives why the person began using alcohol or drugs as well as how the condition came to mask their concern. The main goal here is to have a realization what caused their behavior and to discern how the substances have caused them to do things which they normally wouldn’t if they’re sober.

Goals Setting – Patients will not be confined inside the walls of the rehab center for a very long time. This is why they need to look forward to a life after their release. It is essential for them to set goals as to who they want to be and what they want to achieve after rehab. This is the time where patients know for sure that there is more to life after seeking treatment. But these goals don’t just remain as plans. Part of their task is to look for mechanisms that will determine how they will achieve these goals.

Setting goals usually bring back that sense of self by rediscovering what excites them and how they’ll manage to get these things. This is a process of rebuilding themselves – who they truly are and the purpose they want to live. A lot of people do this when they were younger but many also get lost especially when addiction sets in. Nevertheless, being in a rehab can revive the fire of living their goals.

Creative Therapies – Communicating feelings and thoughts can be very difficult more so for individuals who are not articulate. But there are other ways to speak your mind and express yourself such music and art.

Getting into a creative therapy using music and art serve as an outlet for the person to let go of all the things they have been harboring. Some things are better expressed when done through a creative vent. It is not just a hobby that a person can enjoy but it can also fill the time and take a person’s mind off their cravings. These creative outlets may even pave the way of discovering just how much of an inner art genius an individual is.

Building Self-Esteem– Drug or alcohol can destroy a lot of things and this includes a person’s self-esteem. It is common for people going through addiction to think of themselves as lesser individuals or to lose their confidence in reaching for the things they once had. This will even get worse if a person tries to get out of the addiction and fail.

Going through therapy and counseling can bring back their confidence to do and be what they want to be. There are a lot of milestones that are celebrated during these sessions which will provide individuals with a sense of accomplishment. This will boost their morale in return and will help them gain back their sense of self.

Best Drug Rehab Can Help

No one should have to struggle with overcoming an addiction. It is not the place where anyone would want to be. But if the condition already exists, all hope is not lost as something can still be done. The right rehab facility and program can expedite the treatment process. This can also help a person live a life that is healthy, full of energy, happy, and sober.

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