Does Recovery Truly Bring Happiness?

Drinking excessively can take a toll on one’s physical and mental state. If you are a weekend warrior or an everyday drinker you know exactly what I am talking about. Hardcore drinkers and alcoholics look for happiness at the end of the bottle and usually never find it. We see in commercials and hear it on the radio that rehab and sobriety can bring true happiness but is this true?

There is no known cure for addiction but that does not mean recovery doesn’t aid addiction and subdue the disease into submission. Recovery is a process that involves rigorous self-searching and work but if done honestly and thoroughly reaps tons of rewards including genuine happiness. I can only speak for myself but a life filled with recovery = a life filled with happiness.
I quit using drugs and drinking when I was 19 and thought my life was over. I thought I was meant to party, party, party and deal with the consequences later. However, in that phase of my life, I was the opposite of happy. I was alone, miserable, and spiritually bankrupt. I was living with no purpose and had nothing going for me. Putting the drugs and alcohol down at the age of 19 ended up being the best thing I ever did.

When I first started going to meetings I was miserable. I thought AA was a sham and a cult. I didn’t think it was even possible for people to laugh this much without the aid of pot or drink. I kept hearing garbage like: “Keep coming back” “meeting makers, make it” “don’t drink and come to meetings.” Despite my thoughts on the meetings, I decided on listening and stuck with it. I worked all 12 steps and went to meetings every day. Slowly but surely my life began to change and before I even knew it I started experience true happiness.

Recovery to me has brought me more than just true happiness. It has taught how me to laugh again, how to respect others, how to love again and how to care for someone other than myself. Whenever I am asked the question “does recovery bring true happiness?” I respond with, yes and it brings a whole lot more than just true happiness.