Preparing for Addiction Treatment and What You Can Expect

Preparing for addiction treatment sounds overwhelming to a lot of people, and also more than a little daunting. However, rehab is the very best place to begin if you are struggling with substance use. There are a lot of reasons people fear going into treatment, but none of them are all that unusual or too difficult to overcome.

Fear of Addiction Treatment

There as multiple reasons people fear addiction treatment and if you feel anxious about it, some of these are apt to apply to you as well. Simply identifying our fears can be a huge step toward acting in spite of them. We can’t really tackle something when we don’t know what it is. Below are some of the most common reasons people who need help avoid rehab.

Shame and Embarrassment about Needing Addiction Treatment

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation about addiction in our world today. Although we have made many inroads into educating people about the illness, many still believe it is something to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, these causes people to keep their suffering to themselves, and to keep secrets about the struggles and pain they have. Reaching out for help seems too humiliating when we’re caught up in the false belief that an addiction is a moral issue rather than an illness.

Fear of Failing in Addiction Treatment

Many people postpone getting help for an addiction because they fear they will fail at it. Addiction beats us down in many ways, and you can fear one more defeat, feeling it will crush you. It’s not wholly a logical way to think about rehab, but on the emotional level, it makes a lot of sense. When you feel like all you have had is disappointment and failure, the thought of one more can be too much. However, thoughts and feelings like these are par for the course in addiction. They are symptoms of the illness, not facts. To succeed in treatment you need to be open, and willing. The process will carry you along if you bring those three things to rehab with you.

Fear of Being The Worst of the Worst

Another common fear that people have before treatment is that they are so damaged and so ‘far gone’ they are hopeless causes, far worse than anyone else who will be there. This, too, is a product of how battering addiction can be. It can literally ‘break the spirit’, causing you not only self-doubt but also self-loathing. You may look at yourself in the mirror and think how broken and unfixable you are. However, countless others have been in front of that same mirror and overcame their addictions.