Overcoming Addiction – Rehab vs. Going it Alone


Addiction Recovery for Every IssueOvercoming addiction is hard no matter how you do it, but is it really possible to overcome an addiction without going to rehab? Do lots of people successfully do it? What is the potential for long-term success when it comes to doing it without addiction treatment? Is addiction treatment really helpful then?

There are so many questions when it comes to kicking a mind altering addiction, and so many supposed answers by both experts in the field and those who struggle with the addiction themselves that it can be really hard to know what the right option is.

There is no denying that alcohol and drug addiction is a huge problem in the United States, and no matter what your addiction, it feels like the worst one in the world. However, some research finds that as far as “how addicted,” a person is might actually have something to do with the individual and the substances causing the addiction.

Who successfully kicks addiction alone?

Now, if you struggle with an addiction to something like alcohol, and one day you wake up and have a “lightbulb moment,” where you finally see everything clearly, it’s possible that you’re going to give up drinking. Hopefully, you’re smart about it and choose to go to a detox facility to start the process, because alcohol withdrawals can get pretty dicey. But then, say, you don’t really go to any kind of addiction treatment or rehab.

What happens to you, and can you actually kick your habit? If you stay motivated to overcome your drinking, research says that you might actually be able to successfully recover on your own. However, some suggest that it largely depends on “how addicted” you really are, and what type of person you are, to begin with.

Some people can and do successfully kick their addictions without any kind of addiction treatment. They usually have strong support groups, and most of all, they seem to be able to become reinvested in themselves and develop new confidence that allows for a greater chance of recovery success. It seems that those who are able to overcome addictions without help usually find that they are worthwhile people and they can have a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others, but not without changing the way they live.

In fact, some research suggests that more people recover from addictions than actually maintain them, which is promising, but it also finds that the people doing the recovering have to have something in their lives that matters more than the addiction. Hence that moment of clarity that was mentioned before. The good news is that it can happen with almost any addiction, and while it takes time, it can be extremely powerful.

Why Addiction Rehab Does Help

Before thinking that you don’t need addiction rehab, it’s important to note that addiction treatment is actually much easier for many who want to get clean and sober because it offers them so many tools that those who choose to go it alone don’t have. When you go to rehab or choose some kind of treatment program that works for you, you’re giving yourself the power of an understanding support network where you can talk things through and express your feelings through every stage of your recovery journey. You’re giving yourself someone to celebrate your accomplishments with and enjoy new activities with.

When you choose to go to rehab, you’re also giving yourself a boost when overcoming addiction through the help of strong nutritional support, healthy alternative treatments like Yoga and mindfulness, and even gaining valuable insight into yourself with the help of counseling. Very simply, rehab is a great way to embark on the road to recovery because it gives you such a strong start toward living clean and sober for the long-term.

There are Going to be Bumps, No Matter How You Do It

It’s also important to remember that no matter how you go about overcoming addiction, there are going to be bumps. There might be relapses, and there might be times when you just don’t want to be working on a recovery at all. It is much easier to keep maintaining an addiction than it is to overcome the habit and start changing your life. Sometimes, these feelings are going to show through, and that’s where your strong determination and desire to live differently are going to be the only thing between you and a significant backslide.

Experts agree that relapse is more common than not in those who are working to kick an addiction, but it doesn’t

mean that everyone who relapses will go back to his old ways. In fact, many find that by renewing their commitment to living clean and sober, a relapse can become a helpful tool for a recovering addict, because it helps them to see that they don’t need drugs and alcohol to be happy, and in fact, the source of the addiction might not be so great after all.

Regardless of whether you are actively in an addiction recovery program, or you’re choosing to go it alone, you might find that you have some bumps in your road to recovery. They are normal, and part of the process, but if you’re not confident in yourself, your abilities and your recovery, it could be really hard to move past these bumps.

The Nice Thing About Addiction Treatment

One thing that many don’t realize about addiction treatment is that they don’t have to seek it at the very beginning of their recovery journey. In fact, some people do really well at overcoming addiction for a long while and then realize that they could use some help sorting through emotional problems that make them want to use or drink. They might have even been clean and sober for years, but things in life right now are making it really hard to keep up the good work and continue living a life of recovery.

There are rehab programs for just this situation. They recognize that you haven’t abused the source of your addiction for a good while, but that the focus for you might be getting through some of the problems that occur in everyday life. For you, it might be more about coping and staying strong, and rehab can help with this.

It’s important to remember that the nice thing about addiction treatment of any kind is that it’s never too late to go, and it’s never wrong to want to go. If you think you could benefit, no matter what stage of your recovery journey you’re in, then you probably could and we can help you find the treatment facility that meets your needs.

Many people worry that rehab takes control of their lives and eliminates options, and while this might be true for some facilities, it’s also very far from the truth when it comes to other programs. Not all rehabs work on the model of taking your options away. In fact, many experts feel that you’ll be much more successful in your recovery journey if you’re given a chance to be an active part of putting your recovery program together. It’s a way for you to know what to expect, be invested in the process, and really feel like you’re in control of your future, so many rehabs are working to make sure that this is the way everyone gets to address rehab.

If you’re looking for a rehab to help you in your recovery, it’s important to know that overcoming addiction is just as personal as living life with your addiction. It’s up to you to make it happen, and that’s going to be the hard part. When you’ve come to a stage that you feel your recovery could benefit from a stay at a rehab or an intensive outpatient rehab program, we can help you find the right one for your needs.

You don’t have to worry about going broke paying for rehab, either, because lots of insurance companies cover it, and we’ll help you find out about what you’re covered for. It’s less to worry about, and that might mean the difference between a healthy, happy recovery journey, and one that you’re struggling through because you’re filled with worry and anxiety over little things, like how you’ll pay for it.

Overcoming addiction is hard no matter how you choose to do it, but if you feel that you’re at a stage where you could use a little boost in your journey, why not give us a call? We understand that you’ve made progress, and we’re here to help you keep going strong in your journey and keep living healthy and happy for life. You’ve worked too hard and come too far to just let it all slip away, so why not see what rehab can do to help boost your journey and give you the reinforcement that you’ve been looking for?