Overcoming Your Addiction – You Know You Need to, but Can You Do It?


Overcoming your addiction is hard. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be looking at an addiction. You might be looking at something more like an obsession or a love.

Definitely encompassing, but easier to walk away from than a full blown addiction. You probably know you need to quit your addiction, right? You know that it’s not good for you, and might even be seeing some of the more negative side effects by now, but the question isn’t whether or not you need to get started on the road to recovery, it’s whether you really can do it.

Can you successfully overcome your addiction? Can you get – and stay – clean and sober? Can you live a happy life without drinking or using? These are the questions and the worries that often get us the most, and they’re what often sabotage our recovery efforts.

Overcoming your addiction is full of unknowns

One thing that you should know before you embark on your recovery journey is that it’s full of unknowns. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. There might be cravings and urges, and you might struggle to be happy tomorrow. You may find that today turns out to be the best day ever, and that drives you forward in your recovery efforts.

When you understand that your journey is going to be a mish-mash of ups and downs and good and bad, you can begin to see that sometimes, just hanging on through the tough times is enough to make the good times feel so much better.

It’s also important to learn to accept the simple fact that you are overcoming your addiction. You are changing your life. No change in life is easy, and this one won’t be either. So learn how to embrace the fact that your life and world are becoming different, and you’ll like find that you don’t have so many doubts about whether you can actually live clean and sober or not.

Learning to embrace the whole thing

Another thing, when you’re working to overcome your addiction, is to learn how to embrace the whole process. Take the bad days and roll with them, and really get excited about the good ones, and you’ll begin to see that your recovery journey is fluid and not so bad.

With time, you’ll start to discover that actually staying clean and sober isn’t nearly as painful as you thought it would be. You’ll have cravings, sure, but you’ll also find that changing your life is a process of discovery, and self-forgiveness.

Overcoming your addiction isn’t easy, but when you stick with it and just keep going, you’ll discover that it’s not a matter of whether you can do it, it’s a matter of how you do it.