Overcoming Addiction – Changing Your Habits Helps


Overcoming addiction has many different techniques and ways to do it. Often, we hear about changing our habits to experience greater success at living clean and sober, but for many of us, it just doesn’t seem feasible. How can changing the time you stop to get your coffee really make a difference in how well you do at living clean and sober? Believe it or not, many experts agree that making these simple changes can really help.

Overcoming addiction and changing your habits – the connection

So, you’re probably still thinking that overcoming your addiction shouldn’t really have anything to do with changing your habits, but it turns out that it does. In fact, many experts now agree that it can make a tremendous difference in how you battle your addiction.

It looks like this: if you live in the same place you lived the whole time you were actively addicted, everything around there is going to make you think of your addiction. So, you look in a cabinet and see a place to stash the source of your addiction. You look in the mirror and see those good times you had with so many friends. You walk past the same houses each day, and see the same faces, with time, these routines make room for the comfort of other habits like using or drinking.

Doing the same thing day after day when it’s no different than what you were doing when you actively battled your addiction can make overcoming addiction harder than you ever thought possible.

Ways to change your habits

You may not need to move, but you might find that taking steps to change up the usual routines in your life actually helps to train your brain to start living differently than it did while you were using or drinking all the time. So, instead of that drink first thing in the morning, consider some Yoga and cereal.

Redecorating your home, changing your job, taking a different route to the grocery store, and even changing where you shop can make all the difference in how you do when working on overcoming addiction. You’ll be seeing that you can live life differently, and your addicted brain will be asking just what’s going on in your world.