Non-Faith Based Rehab – When You Want to Be in Control


Addiction Recovery for Every IssueWe hear a lot about faith-based rehab and it’s many benefits, but what about non-faith based rehab? When does one choose to go to this type of treatment? Is it really so much different than the traditional, step-based spiritual model? It turns out that there can be a huge difference in the treatment programs, and choosing to attend addiction treatment that allows the individual to take responsibility and be in control of their situation can actually be amazingly helpful when working to live an addiction-free life.

In fact, for those who have successfully completed a non-faith based rehab program, the results are overwhelming, and life changing, but even the skills a person learns in this type of treatment are different.

A Feeling of Control can translate to Feeling Powerful and Confident

When a person chooses a non-faith based addiction treatment program, they are learning to take responsibility for their decisions. They are discovering that just as they can take responsibility for the way they acted while they were actively addicted, they can also take control of their addiction recovery. In a non-traditional addiction treatment program, you will learn that you are responsible for what you do.

Of course, addiction is something of a controlling force, but when you’re going through your recovery, you’re likely to find that you are strong enough to control what happens during this time. For example, when you have cravings, and feel like you might relapse, you need to use your tools and skills to help you get through this rough spot.

For many, each time they battle down cravings, the feeling of confidence that slowly grows is tremendous. It makes recovering addicts feel strong and able to take on just about anything.

Instead of Steps…

Many wonder, if you’re not following steps, what are you doing? It’s a good question, and there are alternatives. In fact, many of the alternatives are pretty solid, too. So, what are they, and what might you find in a non-step based addiction treatment program?

  • SMART – It’s also known as Self-Management and Recovery Training. In this program, you’re going to have points to work with. You might find that your group therapy focuses on these concepts, and the beautiful part of this program is that you can access it even after you’ve finished rehab. If you need a meeting, they’re accessible all around the world, and if you can’t get to one, you can go online to get into a meeting. When you embrace this type of treatment, you’re going to learn how to empower yourself and take control of your addiction recovery journey.
  • Step-based non-religious programs – For some, the steps are a solid idea, but the idea of turning one’s recovery over to a “higher power” is disturbing. That’s where a non-faith based rehab that works with steps can come in handy. It’s the steps that work, without the need to incorporate faith.
  • Refuge Recovery – In this type of addiction treatment, those in recovery will use Buddhist principles, in addition to mindfulness to help them completely abstain from using or drinking. The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism are at the core of this type of recovery, and for those who get into it, it can truly change lives.
  • Mindfulness – While this practice has been incorporated into many different types of treatment, it’s worth noting the key role it plays in a non-faith based recovery program. When practicing Mindfulness, you are allowing yourself to live fully in the present moment. You’re giving yourself the chance to feel a full spectrum of emotions, and respond in a way that is healthy and beneficial to your recovery.

Why You Might Need Something Different

If one of the reasons that you’re fighting the idea of rehab is that you’re not keen on religion or faith in your recovery journey, you’re not alone. Sometimes, even the devout would rather keep their recovery and faith separate. Sometimes, even the faithful want to take control of their situations so that they can enjoy a healthy recovery that they have built.

For some, the simple idea that, “God helps those who help themselves,” is enough to drive them to seek something different when it comes to overcoming an addiction.

You might find that you need something different because you’ve tried a 12-step program in the past and didn’t connect the way you would like. For some, placing things in the hands of a higher power can be frustrating. It’s a lot like a child praying for her favorite toy. Sometimes, our Higher Power just doesn’t deliver, and this can leave us asking more questions than we need to be.

Other Things You Need to Know about Non-Faith Based Rehab

It’s important to note that when you choose to attend a non-faith based rehab, you aren’t entering into a world that is completely strict and devoid of forgiveness or kindness. In fact, this is quite the contrary. Unlike step-based recovery programs, you’re going to find that non-traditional rehabs actually offer a lot of forgiveness and kindness. The difference is that that kindness and recovery comes from within you.

You’re going to learn that you are strong enough. You are powerful enough, and you are worth every moment of your recovery journey. So, failing shouldn’t be a thought. Your life is worth it.

For many who choose to attend this type of treatment, the idea that they are in control of how well they live is Womens Drug Rehabincredibly powerful. It eliminates question, worry and frustration over not being good enough to enjoy a healthy recovery and puts the power where it belongs, in the hands of the person in addiction recovery.

When It’s Time to Find a Non-Faith Based Rehab for Your Recovery

If you’re just struggling with the idea of another step-based addiction recovery journey, or you just can’t seem to wrap your head around the idea of putting your addiction recovery in the hands of a “Higher Power,” then you might want to consider a different addiction recovery approach.

At Elite Rehab Placement, we understand that not everyone overcomes their addictions in the same way, and we know that it can be really tough to find what you’re looking for in a rehab. That’s why our caring, professional counselors work so hard to help you find a rehab that really works for your needs.

We know that not everyone overcomes addiction in the same way, and we know that there are recovery options to help you start living clean and sober from the very beginning. If you aren’t connected to your treatment program, you’re not going to understand how good it can feel to truly embrace an addiction-free life. If you’re not feeling that life is worth living without the help of substances or alcohol, you’re not going to be successful at your recovery.

When you’re ready to start overcoming your addiction recovery, give us a call. We know that you’re an individual, and we work hard to make sure that you get options that will meet your recovery needs. From intensive outpatient addiction rehab programs, to inpatient rehabs, we’ll help you to find the right program for your needs.

Even if you think you can’t afford to go to rehab, give us a call. You might be surprised to find that there are many different ways to pay for your treatment. From insurance coverage, to payment plans, to grants and other types of funding, you have choices and options here, too.

Don’t wait another day to start living clean and sober. Don’t put off your recovery journey for another moment. Give us a call and see how we can help you to overcome your addiction. It’s time to start a healthy, happy recovery journey and we can help you get started. Find your non-faith based rehab options and start living the life you really want to live.