No Addiction: What is the Truth?

There are many addicts who are in complete denial. They may not be aware or just have convinced themselves in some way or another that they do not have an addiction. If you are trying to convince yourself that you don’t have aniStock_000076353371_Small addiction, there is a hindering truth that you may need to see. Anyone who has to convince themselves that they don’t have an addiction more than likely has an addiction. There might be others who come to you to get you to see that you do have an addiction. Think you have no addiction, consider what others are telling you.

Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

Do you have others coming to you to tell you that you should not drink or do drugs? If you do, this is because others believe that your addiction is overwhelming and taking over your life. They may offer you 12 step addiction recovery help or other sobriety advice. If you have friends, family members or others telling you that you shouldn’t drink or do drugs, this is a pounding signal that you probably have an addiction.

Wasting Time

Do you have others telling you that all you do is talk about or think about addictive ways? Maybe they are telling you that you only talk about your drunken or drugged experiences. Maybe they are telling you that you only want to hang out when they will participate in addictive behaviors with you. If you have been told that you have a lot of time wasted by talking about your drinking or drugged behaviors, this signifies an addiction.


Unwanted Life Experiences

Have you found yourself in jail due to a DUI or drug offense? Do you find that you get into fights or arguments with others often while you are under the influence? Maybe you have lost a job due to your drinking or when you were doing drugs. If you have unwanted life experiences as a result of drinking or doing drugs, this is leading proof of having an addiction.

These are some of the ways that you can recognize an addiction. If you think you have no addiction, you may want to think again. Addictions take lives every day. You can save your own life by recognizing and admitting to your addiction. Once you can admit to your addiction, there are many rehabs and other recovery programs out there to help you overcome that addiction.