If you’re thinking of making addiction and addiction recovery your career, you might think that you need to be or have been struggling with an addiction to have an impact on those you interact with, but this just isn’t the case. In fact, many people who have never actually battled an addiction themselves work with those who struggle with an addiction or are working to overcome it. They work in all areas of the field of addiction, and if you’re thinking that this is an area you would like to become a part of, you should know that there are many opportunities, and you don’t have to be working on getting clean to make it your life’s work.

A connection helpsaddiction therapy

While you don’t always need to be overcoming an addiction or to have been in recovery for a while to be able to consider making addiction and addiction recovery your career, it does help to have some kind of personal connection to it. Maybe a family member has struggled with an addiction, or a close friend. Maybe you find that your child or spouse has had a hard time with an addiction, the point is, it’s probably affected you in some way.

The connection to someone with an addiction can help you to relate to others in similar situations. Having the experience with someone battling an addiction can help you to understand others in this stage of their lives.

Finding your angle

If you’re thinking of making addiction and addiction recovery your career, you’re going to want to find your angle. What way will you focus your attention toward addiction? No matter whether you’re working as a receptionist at a rehab facility or you’re going to get down and dirty as an addiction therapist, knowing what you would like to do in the field can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your new career.

While a connection certainly helps you to understand the ins and outs of addiction better, it doesn’t determine how well you will do in your new chosen career. You’ll get the experience. You’ll get the training and with time, and some passion, you’ll probably discover that you meet some really great people along the way.

Ultimately and unfortunately, the field of addiction and treatment for addiction is growing. If you are considering making addiction and addiction recovery your career, you should know that you don’t have to battle an addiction to work in the field. You just have to want to help others make more of themselves, their lives and their potential.