Maintaining Positive Energy During Recovery – What You Think is What You Are


For years, experts have understood that maintaining positive energy during recovery is essential to experience success in their journey, but a new way of thinking suggests that what think might actually become what you are. In other words, if you think that you’re successfully overcoming your addiction, chances are that you will.

This evidence is so overwhelming, in fact, that many addiction treatment programs are actually pushing the skill of maintaining positive energy, and some are even working to make it a skill to accompany the others that you learn in rehab.

Why? Well, because if you want to be successful at overcoming your addiction, you have to know that you are successful. You have to see your successes and imagine living a clean and sober lifestyle every single day.

Why it Works

Now, maybe you’re thinking that it’s all about “The Secret,” and your energy, which it might, but at the core, there is something more powerful behind all of your positivity. It’s not that something bad will happen if you don’t think positive, it’s just that you might become stagnant and stuck. When you’re believing with all your heart that you can live a clean and sober life, you’re trying to make it happen because you know you can. When you’re certain you will fail, you will, because you aren’t actually making efforts to do anything otherwise.

In short, when we’re positive, we are determined. We are certain that we can make this change and will make our lives different, and so we work to make it a reality. Being positive gives you the imagery. It gives you the idea that you can make a difference and great strides, and those ideas grow. They begin to be the life that you want to live. And so, you go after it.

In short, if you set out on a goal and tell yourself that you can’t do it, you won’t. It’s simple. Why? Well, you won’t try as hard, for one. You probably won’t believe that you can see the rewards of overcoming your addiction, either. That means you’re very likely to tear down your goal before you’ve even begun.

That’s not very positive.

Infusing Your Whole Life with Positivity

Even when you’re not hoping for anything, making sure to fill your whole life with positive vibes can be incredibly powerful. It helps you start every day feeling good. It keeps you moving forward when you don’t feel like you can, and when you’re feeling happier, at the very least, you’ll keep doing what you do.

The trouble is that many people don’t really understand how to fill their whole day, every day with positivity. It’s okay, lots of people don’t. It’s probably because most of us react to situations when they come up, rather than accepting that some things just cannot be controlled. We spend all kinds of time worrying about what we might not be able to do, that we aren’t fully basking in the moment that we’re in. Add that to a heart and head filled up with regrets and painful emotions, and you’ve got most people in a nutshell.

Now, toss an addiction into it. You know how this feels. It’s downright overwhelming, right? Chances are that you don’t really think a whole ton about it, though, because you’re busy medicating yourself, and your negativity.

Yes, negativity can eat away at the healthiest person. It can create anxiety, depression and a slew of other problems. When you’re medicating it, you might be thinking that since you feel better, you are getting rid of all that negativity, but sadly, it comes back time and time again.

Whether you’re working on maintaining positivity for recovery or just trying to get something to feel good about in your life, these tips can help you to get started.

  • Start positive each day. This one is the hardest one to do because most of us are pretty grumpy first thing in the morning. It’s okay to be grumpy at first, but it’s important to start trying to change that outlook. First thing in the morning, or with your morning coffee, take a moment to feel grateful. For your coffee, for the fact that you woke up. For the fact that you slept. Whatever you’re feeling grateful for, just mentally note it, and send it out there.
  • Start focusing on what you want. In the case of addiction recovery, you want to overcome your addiction. You want the monkey off your back, even if it’s hard, you’re ready. Focus on it. Focus on how good it feels to know that in just a short amount of time, you’ll be living a healthy, recovering lifestyle that you can be proud of.
  • Send out those vibes about everything. In short, visualize it, imagine it, and make it yours. Know that you are changing your life and making it wonderful. Know that you are overcoming your addiction, and you are making strides day after day. You are in recovery. You are winning.
  • Find things throughout your day to be happy for. Another thing you need to do is find all kinds of things throughout your day to be happy and grateful. You can’t be very good at maintaining positivity for recovery if you aren’t happy and grateful.

Seeing the Bright Side of all Things Helps

While you might not realize is that being more upbeat about almost everything, in general, can make maintaining positivity during recovery much easier, especially when you’re in the early stages. You know that one person who always seems to be able to smile and seems to always make you feel annoyingly better because he or she can just seem to find something good even in the crappiest situations?

Okay, well, you probably hate them, but studies show that these people usually are more likely to succeed at all kinds of things that they do – including overcoming their addictions.

So, maybe you hate your new body, and maybe you’re really struggling because you’ve just heard that your ex is taking the kids for good. But, hey, at least you’re working at living clean right now, and it is, after all, one step at a time.

This is the upside, and when you start to see one upside, you’ll start seeing more, and more. Until finally, when you begin to feel like things are just the worst situation ever, you can see that others might be in a tougher spot and be grateful for where you are in your personal life.

It’s Not Perfect, but…

You should know that maintaining positivity isn’t a cure-all for your addiction. You’ll have tough days. There will be days that you feel like it’s a massive struggle to even think of one good thing going on. That’s okay. Get some rest and redouble your efforts tomorrow.

Remember that the Universe doesn’t care if you stop thinking positive, just don’t start thinking negatively. And believe. Believe you can live a healthy, clean and sober life.

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So, why not give us a call today and start visualizing and believing that you are going to get clean from your addiction and start living healthy, happy, and addiction-free? Life is too short to let yourself suffer anymore.