The thing with addiction cravings is that you’re looking for instant gratification. If you can push through that need, you will find that you have an easier time overcoming urges to use or drink. This is at the root of addiction, really. The pleasure center of the brain is where your addiction is located, so when you’re having a craving, you want to get your hands on the source of your addiction right away.

So, what do you do when you’re craving the source of your addiction, but you really want to stay clean and sober? These tips can help:pleasure

  • Leave your current environment. Head out of the office, leave the house, whatever. Get out of the space you’re in right now. The thing is that your current surroundings can make you feel edgy, stressed and frustrated. So, leaving the place where you are right now can really make you feel better fast.
  • Let a loved one know you care. Sometimes, being alone can make your recovery really tough, and your cravings seem really bad. Reach out to someone that you love, and you know loves you just to feel better knowing that you’re not alone, and you can all make it through together.
  • Let yourself feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, you have to learn how to just be uncomfortable and accept that it happens. When you feel miserable because you’re battling cravings, it’s important to be able to just cope with it because, well, it happens.
  • Get it out. Sometimes, when you’re looking for instant gratification, what you’re really looking for is a way to get your feelings out. So, journal them. Then read them. You might find that you’re really mad about things and it’s part of what makes you struggle with cravings. So, write it down and see if you don’t start feeling better.

When cravings hit, it can make life, and recovery, really uncomfortable. So, having some tricks to help you soothe your mind – and your urges can really come in handy. Sometimes, we’re looking for instant gratification, but what we really need is something much more geared toward our recovery. Knowing how to beat the urges not only can help you to stay clean, but it can give you a chance to get to know you and embrace your life as it is today; addiction-free.