A Look At Worldwide Alcohol and Drug Rehabs

According to some statistics, over 208 million people around the world abuse drugs. That’s a lot of people struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction.  For this reason, there are also many alcohol and drug rehabs around the world. Whether someone is struggling with an addictive herb in Africa or alcohol in America, addiction treatment centers are quite necessary.

Usually, one of the best things for those that are addicted is to attend an alcohol or drug treatment center. Now, the reality is that such rehabs will vary from country to country, as treatment programs vary greatly depending on culture and geography. In fact, some treatment centers may use what seem like odd or strange treatment techniques by foreigners.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the variety of treatment centers around the world:

Thailand Drug rehab

There is a drug rehab in a temple in Thailand that is a monastery period since 1957 but Wat Tham Krabok Monastery is known for its odd strategies and tactics to treat drug addicts. It’s known largely for the high numbers of opium and heroin addicts that attend the treatment center.

The center is based on a more spiritual practice, and meditation and herbal supplements are quite common. The treatment center is big on introducing patients to exercise and relaxation skills. The oddity of this treatment center is that patients are encouraged to make themselves vomit out toxins associated with the drugs. There’s also word that they are told to take a secret potion that will make them vomit. They believe that the vomiting will help them detox the poisons from the drugs from their bodies faster.

Thailand, just as in other countries, has a large population of heroin addicts. Many go to the monastery treatment center for an Eastern type of recovery program. However, the treatment center is not only for Thai residents. In fact, there are some patients that come from America, including some famous people like British musician Tom Arnold and Popstar Pete Doherty.

UK Technology addiction

In the UK, there is a treatment center that is geared for the younger generation who is addicted to technology. Whether it’s a cell phone, computer, iPad, or video games, technology addiction is real. Some parents were finding out that when they would take technology privileges away from their children, some of their children would become violent. In fact, some parents had to call the police.

This hospital is a great place to send children who are addicted to technology or the internet. There they are cut out technology cold turkey. They may use a cell phone, but it is monitored and it is not often. The treatment center educates the children on addiction and encourages them to participate in their fitness activities. They have a chance to discuss healthy alternatives to technology to pass their time and learn about addiction in general.

Country: USA

There are a wide variety of treatment centers in the United States. Perhaps the oddest treatment center is the one that Charlie Sheen started in his own home. Charlie Sheen is a celebrity who became highly addicted to cocaine. News of his addiction hit the media throughout his addictive years. He’d been to numerous rehabs, but at some point, he set up a rehab in his own home and named it Sober Valley Lodge. It seems he was not an advocate of going to a treatment center for AA meetings. No one knows for sure if Charlie Sheen is really free from heroin addiction, as he continues to do some strange things at times.

The majority of treatment centers in America run the same types of programs. There are treatment centers geared for the wealthy, otherwise known as luxury treatment centers. There are also spiritually centered treatment centers or religious treatment centers. There are state-funded or private funded treatment centers. There are inpatient and outpatient treatment centers as well.

Saudi Arabia

There is a rehab in Saudi Arabia for Muslims that have been involved in Jihadism or another type of extremism. The extremists have often times been brainwashed to be extremely violent and may have even committed murder. They go to the rehab in order to receive intense counseling and rehabilitation. They are informed about the dark nature of murder, and particular areas of Islamic law are taught that encourage them to live a life free from extremism.

USA Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology has a rehab movement called Narconon. One particular Narconon rehab is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You may have heard of the Church of Scientology due to Tom Cruise’s involvement in it. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, is the founder of the church. He set up Narconon’s rehab program to help people detox from particular substances in the body that can cause addiction. Sometimes the patients must sit in a sauna for extended times in order to sweat such substances out. The church claims to have an 80 percent success rate, though many wonder about the reliability of such a high number.

One lawsuit was filed against this rehab by a mother of a patient. The rehab told her that they would indeed give her son treatment for drug addiction, but all they really did was teach him their Scientology dogma and make him sit in a hot sauna for over 5 hours in one day. They claimed that sitting in the extreme heat would rid his body of the toxins associated with the drugs. He and his mother were not happy with the treatment and sued them.

Nazaraliev Medical Center, Kyrgyzstan

This rehab clinic located in Central Asia receives many heroin addicts. They also claim to have a significantly high success rate – over 80 percent. They’ve been known to have extremely odd treatment measures, including “coma treatments”. Essentially, they are given a particular drug that puts them into a “coma state” for hours. When they wake up, they claim that they will be cured of their drug addiction.

Some call this a rapid detox treatment, but it can be very dangerous. It can even cause death.

Chinese treatment center

The Chinese have taken a harsh approach to addiction recovery. They’ve turned some labor camps into compulsory drug treatment centers, but there is not much counseling on addiction that goes on. In fact, they’re pretty tough on the patients. Some have to do extremely tough work or manual labor. They can spend years in that rehab without undergoing any significant addiction treatment at all. This does not mean that all recovery centers are like this in China, but there are more and more popping up.

Are some treatment centers better than others?

There are plenty of treatment centers around the world that have sound and helpful recovery strategies and Online Rehab Center Placement Servicetechniques. Many of them have some of the same common characteristics, such as counseling and classes on addiction. Many have detox centers and 12-step groups as well, with professionals that will sit down with the recovering addict and help them learn how to navigate life sober and free.

Most treatment centers do offer great hope to the suffering addict. As always, there are treatment centers that are extreme and some that are downright horrible. It’s always wise to do your research and find out as much as you can about any rehab before you commit to going or allowing your loved one to go. You may want to reach out and ask them for referrals from past patients and give them a call. Certainly, do your research online and if you must, make a visit to the treatment center to talk to staff and have a tour. If you’re traveling out of the country for a treatment center, do as much research as you can online before making that commitment.

Do extreme treatment centers work?

Some forms of treatment can certainly work. For example, a treatment center that focuses solely on spirituality such as meditation or breathwork may certainly be helpful for recovering addicts. There are new techniques and treatments being tried all the time.

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all model. What works for one may not work for another, and trying something new is not always a bad thing. One thing to really watch out for though is safety. Is this new technique or routine safe? If it’s not, I would bypass it completely.

Are you struggling with addiction?

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction or alcoholism? If so, a treatment center is a wonderful option to start a new life sober and free. There are many treatment centers to choose from locally and around the world. If you are up for more of an adventure, then you can consider attending a treatment center in a different location. But local rehabs or treatment centers work just as well.

If you are struggling with addiction and you cannot stop using on your own, consider reaching out for help. You do not have to live a life under the power of drugs or alcohol any longer. It will require you to do some major work though. There is no easy route to ending addiction.

Your body must go through a detox period for up to about a week. There will be some daunting withdrawal symptoms most likely. However, you can get through the detox. Then, the cravings for your drug of choice will decrease. Attending a rehab or treatment center can be helpful because there are professionals there that will help you through every step of your recovery journey. They will also be able to link you toward additional help once you leave the treatment center.

If you cannot attend a treatment center at the moment, consider reaching out for help via a counselor or a 12-step group. 12-step groups are free, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. There you will be able to connect with other recovering addicts who can offer you support and encouragement.