How Long Do Drug Withdrawal Last?

Doctors and Drug AbuseIf you’re struggling with drug addiction and you want to quit, you may fear quitting due to the withdrawal effects you may feel. If you’ve tried quitting before, you know first hand how some withdrawal effects can feel miserable. In fact, many people continue taking drugs because they just cannot get through the withdrawal symptoms.

You may wonder how long withdrawal symptoms last when you’re coming off a drug? Well, the answer to that question depends on a variety of factors.  Additionally, what one person experiences may not be what another person experiences. Generally speaking, the severity of withdrawal symptoms will depend on how long you’ve been on the drug, the amount that you take, and the frequency.

For example, if you are addicted to alcohol and drink heavily every night, your withdrawal symptoms may be severe and may last weeks. However, if you drink alcohol and only have a few drinks three to four days a week, your withdrawal symptoms will be less severe and may not last as long.

What happens to your body

Alcohol and drugs are toxins, so when you stop using them, your body has to go through a detox process.  It takes time for your body to detox from the poisons, and while it is in the process you can feel awful.

How long do withdrawal symptoms last?

Usually the toughest withdrawal symptoms will last three to five days. Again, this will depend on the factors already mentioned. You will go through different stages of withdrawal, including early, peak, and post-acute.

Early stage- You may begin noticing withdrawal symptoms within one day of quitting. This stage lasts usually two to three days, with symptoms increasing in severity.

Peak stage- Around the third day, withdrawal symptoms will be the worst and will typically hit their peak. The peak stage may last about two to four days.

Post-acute stage– This stage usually starts about a week after the initial withdrawal symptoms. It can last days to months, depending on various factors. For example, sometimes it takes years to feel free from the psychological cravings from the drugs.

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, consider reaching out for help if you cannot stop on your own. Yes, withdrawal symptoms can be challenging, but they don’t last forever and you deserve a life of freedom. Continue to learn about withdrawal symptoms and recovery, and empower yourself t get free. Reach out for help today.