Living in the moment for loved ones of those who battle an addiction is an essential tool for coping with the situation that you’re in with your friend or family member. At first it might be a bit difficult to do, but with time, you may just find that you appreciate this approach to the point that you adopt it with every part of your life. So what does it mean to live for now, and how can you begin to live this way to help you cope with your loved one’s addiction?

What living in the moment means

living in the momentiiLiving in the moment is different for loved ones of those battling an addiction than it is for those who are working to overcome an addiction. For those with a friend or family member who battle an addiction, it’s about enjoying the good times, and accepting that not all moments you spend with your loved one are going to be amazing. There may be times of relapse, and there might be times that your loved one is really struggling with the lows of his addiction.

For you as a loved one, each moment matters because it helps you to keep your loved one’s addiction in perspective. It allows you to see that you are not the one who is responsible for living your loved one’s life and that you are only a supporting cast in her life.

How to do it

Living in the moment requires some practice. It means that you plan what you can with your loved one, but stop depending on him to always be the way you expect him to be. Learning to step back and accept that you are not in control of the choices your loved one makes can be really hard, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll likely find that your stress levels decrease and you’re able to enjoy the life that you’re living more.

Tools like exercise and meditation can help you to take that essential step back and calm your mind enough to be accepting of your loved one’s situation and what aspects of it you simply cannot help, no matter how hard you might try.

In the end, living in the moment means that you learn how to embrace the time you’re living in right now. You let go of worries over situations that you can’t control, and you start being grateful for the times that you have with your addicted loved one that are good. It can help your sanity and give you some peace during this difficult time.