Life in Recovery: How to Overcome Adversity

Whether you’ve been in recovery a week or years, it’s a given that adversity will come your way.  It’s not fun, but it’s normal and expected. How do you normally combat adversity when it comes? Do you lose hope? Go ballistic in common alcohol withdrawal symptomsanger? Isolate and have a pity party?

Struggles are going to come sometimes, but you can learn some tools for overcoming adversity and come out on the other side stronger and wiser. In fact, many people admit that they learned some of their most valuable life lessons going through trials and tribulations.  Let’s take a look at some secrets to overcoming adversity.

Contending with Adversity

Adversity is defined as a hardship or unfortunate situation that comes your way. It may hurt you a little or it may break you into a hundred pieces and you’re left there to figure out how to put yourself back together. Adversity affects everyone from time to time, so learning how you can contend with it is advisable.  You may have to face the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, getting laid off, and more, so it is important to learn ahead of time how you can deal with such.

Determine to Focus on the Good

Even when adversity comes, there is still some good in your life. Do your best to focus on that good, as it will help you attract more good into your life.  If you obsessively think about the bad, you are likely to get stuck in bad moods and fear. Believe that you will be able to get through the adversity and learn valuable lessons from it.  Maybe you will get closer to family and friends during the trial or finally contend with that inner pain you’ve been numbing for so long.  Or maybe you will discover a great love for yourself while being single after all these years.  There is always a silver lining in the clouds.

Make an Accomplishment and Gratitude List

Each day write down what you are grateful for and some accomplishments you have nailed in your past. Maybe you’ve overcome great adversity before, yet you’ve forgotten. Think back to what you’ve achieved and write it all down to serve as a reminder that you can overcome hardship. You may also want to create a vision board to give you inspiration throughout the adversity. Being able to look forward past the adversity is important.  See yourself free from any negative feelings and living life happy and peaceful.

This Too Shall Pass

You may have heard the phrase, “This too shall pass”, and this certainly applies to your situation as well. Though it might be difficult to believe it during the time, think of all the times in your past you have gotten through adversity and came out a better person.  This adversity is not etched in stone and you can get through it.  Try to see yourself past the obstacles, hurdles, and heartache. Envision yourself free from the problem or negativity.  It may help to use affirmations, such as:

“I am learning valuable things during this adversity about myself and about life. I will come out stronger and wiser. This difficult time will pass and I am thrilled to see the wonderful things on the other side of this!”

Go with Your Gut

When difficult times come, take some time to get quiet with yourself and be led by your inner voice.  In other words, go with your gut. Maybe you have been listening to others or concerned about others during this time and all that has done is stress you out.  Forget about others and focus on yourself. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and take time daily to work on improving your mood with affirmations and doing things you enjoy.

Laugh Often

Sure, adversity does have the tendency to bring one down, but let yourself smile and laugh often. Laughter really is medicine, so give yourself permission to do fun things and laugh as much as you want.  Get together with a friend and have some fun. Look through old photo albums and giggle at your old hair styles and out of style clothes.  Watch comedies. Make a decision to lighten up despite whatever is going on in your life and as you do, watch your situation begin to change.

Try to look at the bigger picture of life. As you face adversity, know that that specific situation won’t last forever. It is simply an opportunity for growth and change at this moment.  Just look at all the adversity you’ve gotten through already!  Rough patches will come, but you can make a decision right now to look for the silver lining and utilize positivity and faith to pull you through.