Legal Consequences of  a DUI

When anyone drives under the influence of alcohol, they are putting the lives of others and their own life in danger. Statistics show that approximately 29 people die every single day in the United States of America from drunk driving accidents. Nearly ⅓ of all traffic related accidents are caused by those who are under the influence of alcohol as well. Many states are cracking down on those who are driving under the influence of alcohol. If you get a DUI, this can cost you a lot, not to mention it could cost you or others your lives. Read more about some legal consequences DUI and alcoholism can cause.

What Fines Might Occur If Someone Gets A DUI?

While the amount of fines that may occur is not the same for everyone who gets a DUI, it is almost certain you will get fines if you get a DUI. Each state generally has somewhat regulated amounts for the fines to be paid for driving under the influence. If someone has multiple DUIs, they will probably be required to pay a higher fine. If you have gotten a DUI, getting addiction treatment could help reduce some of the sentencing.

Will Your Driver’s License Be Suspended Or Revoked After Getting A DUI?

It is possible for your driver’s license to be suspended or revoked after getting a DUI. Those who have gotten at least 1 DUI in the past have a higher risk of getting their driver’s license revoked. If it is the first offense, some people may lose their license and others may not. The BAC and other factors play into the sentencing. If someone does get their driver’s license revoked they will need to take the written and road test again when it is time to try getting their license back. Some may get a permanent revocation of their license as well.

Will You Have To Take Substance Abuse Classes?

Another one of the consequences that may happen after getting a DUI is having to take substance abuse classes. These classes are to provide you with more education on substance abuse and to aid in the prevention of getting another DUI.

Will It Be Difficult to Get A Job After Getting A DUI?

Legal consequences are not the only issue that may occur in your life after getting a DUI. It may become much more difficult for you to get a job if you have been charged with driving under the influence. Many employers will complete background checks on those applying for a job. Some people may be completely qualified for a job, but not get it because they had gotten a DUI.

Is Jail Time A Consequence Of DUI Or Alcoholism?

Court Ordered Drug Rehab
Those who get caught with a DUI might have jail time to serve. Even those who are first time offenders, or caught for their first time, may still have some jail time to serve. Those who are repeat offenders might have to spend even more time in jail. If someone injures or kills another person while they are under the influence of alcohol and driving, they will likely spend much more time in jail.


Why Should You Go To Inpatient Rehab?

If you have already gotten a DUI, going to inpatient rehab will let the judge know you are serious about recovering and getting sober. This could help in reducing the sentencing you get from the judge. If you haven’t gotten a DUI yet, going to inpatient rehab if you are abusing alcohol is a great way to save your future. If you get the help before getting in trouble with the law, you can save yourself a lot of money, trouble and save your legal record too.

 Inpatient rehab centers help you to find the roots of your addiction, so you can learn from it and overcome the issues in your life. The rehab center staff will help you learn how to cope with the issues that come up in your life without turning to drinking.

 Many who have gotten a DUI have turned their lives around and you can as well. A DUI is not the end of your world. It may be your “rock bottom” or your “breaking point”. However, it can also be the time where you learn from your mistakes. It can be the time where you see how dangerous alcohol is for your life. You can allow a stay in inpatient rehab to help you get free from an alcoholic lifestyle. You can learn how to get and stay sober, even after leaving rehab.

 If you have gotten a DUI, be sure to get into treatment as soon as you can. If you haven’t gotten a DUI yet but you have been abusing alcohol, treatment is available now as well.