Know the Best Alcohol Detox Methods Before you choose yours


moonshine dangersDo you know the best alcohol detox methods out there? If you need to cleanse your system of alcohol so you can get started living a healthy, happy sobriety, you’re probably wondering which method will be the best for your needs, and how to get started with it. The first thing to understand is that there are a few different things you can do to get clean and sober, but alcohol detox, by it’s very nature can be difficult and dangerous. So, making sure that you find a method that works well for you should also include finding a method that is safe.

Consider the different ways that people choose to detox from alcohol before you decide which way you’re going to go with yours.

Alcohol detox methods that are commonly used

Some of the most common alcohol detox methods that people use include steps that might seem kind of risky. In fact, since detoxing from alcohol can be so dangerous, it should be said that many ways that people choose to try to cleanse themselves of alcohol do have significant risks that you should consider before you plunge right in.

  • Cold turkey. Hands down, the most dangerous of the many alcohol detox methods out there. If you’ve been a drinker for a while, you should consider the fact that your body believes it’s dying when you don’t drink. So, you’re going to get really, really sick. You could even experience organ failure, so going cold turkey all on your own might not be your best option.
  • With the help of certain detox teas. Lots of people who need to be able to pass a drug or alcohol test choose this method and the jury is still out as to whether or not these are effective. In fact, some of these detox teas might just be poison in disguise, so use with caution if you are planning to use them at all.
  • Medically assisted. Some people say that this is their favorite alcohol detox method available, but you might not always get it. However, medically assisted detox can dramatically reduce withdrawal symptoms, but the availability might be limited.

What you should choose

If you’re serious about choosing one of the many alcohol detox methods that is relatively safe and can truly help you start living a clean and sober life, then your very best bet is to attend a detox facility. This is where you’re going to get the most help, and enjoy the most comfortable process possible.

Overcoming alcoholism is never easy. It’s painful, it’s difficult and it can make your life pretty miserable for a few days, but when you want to get the best start possible on your recovery journey, choosing the best of the alcohol detox methods out there for you can give you the start overcoming your addiction may need.