Looking for a Safe Place – Why Rehab Might Be Just What You Need


Often, those who struggle with an addiction find that they are just looking for a safe place to regroup, calm down, and get their head straight. This often means going through detox and getting clean, even if it’s not yet been put into words. Safety is appealing to those who are addicted to substances or alcohol, so it makes sense that finding that place could make a big difference in how successful they are in their recovery efforts.

What makes up a safe place? Why do addicts need to find that place that’s safe in order to get clean and sober? How can rehab fill that need, and what should you be looking for?

Understanding what a Safe Place Is

For anyone, a safe place is a place where they can go and relax, feel comfortable, and be themselves. It is a place where they feel, well, safe. Safe from harm, safe from dangers, and the anxieties and stressors of the world. A safe place is essential in allowing people to regroup, relax and thrive.

Many addicts don’t have these places, because they have burned so many bridges with loved ones, and lost the spaces that many of us work to build due to their addictions. For many who struggle with an addiction, there simply is no place to go and be alone and safe.

This is often compounded when homelessness kicks in and the need to bounce from couch to couch starts happening. Unfortunately, having no place to go is a common theme for those who struggle with an addiction. The occasional motel room if the money is there provides as much of a safe haven as many will see.

A safe place comes in handy when a person feels tired, or at their wits end. It’s important that even those who battle addiction can feel desperate, lonely and at a loss. Without someplace to go where the person can feel safe, the addiction often compounds and becomes worse.

Why You Can’t Provide the Safe Place

You, as a loved one, have probably been told that your home is a safe place for your addicted loved one. When he is just looking for a safe place, it’s likely that you will be asked if you can let him come and stay with you. While the instant instinct is to say that yes, your loved one can stay while he gets back on his feet, it might not be the best idea for you and the rest of your family.

Unfortunately, a true safe place is somewhere that your loved one will not use drugs or drink. The rules are often strict, and chances are, at your house, they will be broken. At first, things might be okay, but with time, your loved one is going to take advantage of your kindness, break your rules, and disrespect your boundaries.

The safe place you provided becomes a place filled with stress, heartache, and anxiety, and it affects everyone in your family. Unfortunately, even though you know that your loved one is looking for a safe place to start changing his life, your home simply cannot be it.

What Counts as a Safe Place for Your Addicted Loved One?

Now, you might be wondering what counts as a safe place for your addicted loved one. Is it their own home? Yes, maybe, as long as it’s a place where your loved one will not use or drink. Remember that there are lots of triggers, and home might feel too confining for your loved one.

Is a safe place rehab? In many cases, rehab is the perfect safe place for your addicted loved one, and when she’s seeking a place that she can go, be herself, and not be affected by the stressors of the outside world, an addiction treatment facility might be the best option.

Even if you’re thinking that your loved one doesn’t want rehab, there are many reasons to consider the safety of this decision that make it safe to breathe and start getting clean:

  • No outside influences. Some don’t want to be cut off from the world, but others feel that being isolated gives them the time that they need to focus on themselves without worrying about what others say, think, or even do. Life goes on, but for a time, being able to be on the outside of that life and the stressors is the most beneficial thing they can do for themselves. Not only that, but when you don’t have outside influences, you don’t hear from your dealer, and you don’t see those liquor stores. This makes it easier to avoid thinking about the source of the addiction.
  • A roof and clean bed. Now, this might not seem like much to a lot of people, but if you’ve been couch-hopping for a while, knowing where you’ll sleep and that you have a bed for the next month or so can take a lot of the stress of daily life off your shoulders.
  • Someone to talk to. Despite the fact that addiction is a social disease, it seems that many who battle it are incredibly lonely and isolated. When you choose to go to rehab when you’re just looking for a safe place, you’ll find that there is almost always someone there to talk to if you want it. If not, there is usually a quiet space to spend time.
  • Alone but not alone. One nice thing about a safe space is that you can be alone but not alone. You can be removed from the energy, feelings, and actions of others, while still being around people. It gives you a sense of power over your situation, and in many cases, can really help a person to relax. Rehab offers this option. You’re there, you’re around people, but when you choose to be by yourself, you can do that, too.
  • The ability to sort through problems with help. Sometimes, how safe a person can be, depends on the people within its walls. When you have the ability to sort through issues and have someone who is supportive and on your side walking with you, it can make things feel that much easier. Even confronting your own fears becomes easier when you have someone telling you that it’s okay, and they still care. Rehab offers this kind of support through therapy, group therapy and the support network that you begin to build.

While these aren’t the only things that make rehab a safe space for your addicted loved one, they are high on the list. In a way, rehab becomes a home when there is no other home, and that’s often just what a person overcoming an addiction needs.

Finding a Safe Place for Your Loved One

Now, she’s probably going to tell you that she doesn’t need rehab, but when she gets to the point where she’s saying

she needs a safe place, and you know that you simply cannot provide it for her, you can gently recommend that she figure out how to create it for herself, or she consider attending rehab.

Often, when a person with an addiction begins to realize that her addiction has become too much, even for her, and she needs to regroup and just think for a while, she will start considering a stay at an addiction treatment facility. This is where you can come in with some options that she might want to consider.

We can help. At Elite Rehab Placement, we know what it’s like to be looking for a safe place and not knowing where to turn. We know what rehab is, and what it can become to someone who needs a place to regroup and change their lives. That’s why our staff is so great at helping you with your rehab needs.

Our counselors get to know you, learn about your insurance and financial situation, offer you options and ideas for treatment programs, and help to locate the services that are a great fit for your needs. You don’t have to pay anything ever, and you don’t even have to attend if you don’t want to. In the end, it’s about the vibe you or your loved one gets, and choosing to take that plunge.

You might not know it now, but addiction rehab can be the safe place that your loved one has been searching for. It might take a bit of convincing, and some thought on your loved one’s part, but in the end, rehab makes the difference for thousands of recovery journeys each year. Why not see if you or your loved one can get on the path to a sober, healthy lifestyle? Give us a call, and find out how it really feels to be safe again.