Inspirational Stories – How They Help, and Why You Should Pay Attention


Often, we think that inspirational stories about getting clean and sober are just a bunch of fluff. When we’re working Early Recoveryto live clean and sober, the last thing we want to hear about is how someone else managed to kick their habit. That’s them, you might think. They are stronger than I am. The thing is, if you take the time, you might just find that inspirational stories are just what you need to help you stay motivated and strong in your recovery journey.

So, how does it help to read and watch these feel-good proclamations? Why should you even bother to pay attention to them when you have the chance?

Inspirational stories help you see that if others can do it, so can you

One really powerful aspect of inspirational stories is how it helps to drive home the fact that if someone else can enjoy a healthy recovery, so can you. In short, everyone from any walk of life can change the way they live. They can kick their habit and it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

When you really take the time to listen to what others in addiction recovery are telling you, you’ll find that you’re probably not so different from them. Oh, sure, maybe your jobs are different. Maybe your motivations for getting high seem like they are unique to you on the surface, but when you dig deeper, you might just discover that you’re not so different from others, after all.

Basically, you’re going to see that if others can get clean and sober, so can you. You can live a healthy, happy life that doesn’t require you to keep using or drinking, and that’s often strong motivation to fight through the tough times.

They can help you see your way through the hard times

Not only can inspirational stories help you to see that you can get clean and sober, too, but they can help you to get through those times that you think you might not make it another day. They give you the fuel you need to fight through hard times and stay strong even when you don’t feel like it.

When it feels like  a relapse is right around the corner and you’ll never be able to stay strong enough to keep from going back to your old ways, inspirational stories can help you get through and keep going on your journey.

So, no matter what stage of recovery you’re in, what your addiction, or how you’re doing with your recovery, inspirational stories can help you to stay determined, feel positive, and want to keep going with your recovery.