Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment – It Really Works, Here’s Why


Inpatient substance abuse treatment is also known as rehab, and it’s pretty likely that it’s gotten a pretty bad rap in your current social circle. You might know people who say that they have tried treatment and “it didn’t work.” You might also hear about how it’s all a scam, or that you’re just trapped and told what to do like sheep.

Sure, some people are going to think this, and honestly, these people wouldn’t be in their circle if treatment had worked, would they? Yes, it’s going to look like rehab doesn’t work, because it doesn’t for everyone. But, did you know that it works a lot of the time for a lot of people?

Seriously, we all know that guy or two who have managed to get clean and stay that way. They’re in recovery, doing great, and really loving life. Well, what made inpatient substance abuse treatment work for them? Why are they so different from you?

Here’s the thing – they aren’t any different from you. Just like you, the folks who are enjoying a successful recovery struggled with substance abuse. They let it control their lives for a while and finally decided that it was time to kick the habit and start living differently.

For them, inpatient rehab gave them the edge that they needed to start living clean. It can do the same for you, but if you don’t believe it, we’re going to go over the many benefits of rehab.

More than Just Addiction Treatment

When you’re thinking about inpatient substance abuse treatment, it’s easy to decide to just let it go. After all, if others have tried it and said it didn’t work, then it probably won’t for you, either. Right? Not so fast.

When you choose to go to rehab, you’re probably thinking that it will help you kick your addiction. This is the purpose, and there is no denying that you’re going to leave feeling more solid and resolved to stop abusing substances than ever before. But, did you know that inpatient substance abuse treatment actually does more for you?

Take your life skills. You know, the things you seem to always mess up? Like paying your bills or holding a job? Well, chances are, you were never really great at these things, to begin with. Yes, your addiction made things worse, but if you didn’t have a strong mastery of these concepts in the first place, how can you get them right in recovery?

You’re going to learn about the tough, but very basic life skills that will help to reduce stress and anxiety, and give you a feeling of confidence. If you’re wondering why this would happen in rehab the answer is because you need it to help you keep from relapsing. You need to know how to maintain these basic skills so you can feel confident and happy in your addiction-free life.

Another tremendous benefit to inpatient rehab is the way that you build a support network. These are your friends in group therapy and beyond that, you turn to for support when times are tough. They are also the people that you celebrate when they are successful. Did you know that many of the people you connect with in group therapy go on to be your new best friends? For many, these are the family members that are chosen, and they help to keep you strong, healthy, happy and feeling “normal,” in a situation that is often anything but.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment also offers a wide range of alternative treatments that you can benefit from now, and as life goes on. Do you know how to meditate? Well, it could be one of the best things you do during a time of high stress. In fact, long after the cravings subside, meditation can help you to live a calmer, happier life. Yoga and exercise can help, too, and when it comes to nutrition, most rehabs don’t scrimp on teaching you these skills.

Why the Negativity?

Now, it’s important that you understand that many of the people who are back to using and abusing substances even after a stay in rehab had a false idea of what rehab would do. They probably thought that 30 days would have them cured of their using, but they quickly found out that wasn’t the case when they completed treatment and went back to using.

There are lots of misconceptions about inpatient substance abuse treatment. There is also a lot of false information being passed around that, without anyone to contradict what is being said, tends to grow and get passed around as fact. The thing is, those who truly are recovering from their addictions simply don’t spend time in your circles anymore, and that’s why you don’t hear about the success.

So, what’s the negativity, and why is it happening?

  • Rehab will not “cure” your addiction. Sorry to say, but it’s just too true. Rehab does not cure addictions. It does not take away the desire to use, only time can do that, but there are tools and ways that you can make living an ongoing recovery easier, and that’s what rehab teaches you.
  • You still need aftercare treatment. Many people believe that when they finish rehab, they are done with their addictions, but this isn’t the case. Recovery often lasts years and years, and a strong aftercare program will help you to stay strong and focused on the joys of living clean. It’s also going to keep you going with the essentials like therapy, so you can stay connected and feeling strong.
  • Therapists and counselors are not your enemies. When you’re not ready to start overcoming your addiction, you’re going to think that you’re being told what to do. You might think that your therapists and counselors are telling you what you want to hear, or worse, implying that you’re bad. They aren’t, they just know that you don’t really want to kick your substance abuse habit right now, and, while they still try, it can be very frustrating.
  • You aren’t trapped, but you do have to be held accountable. When you choose to check into an inpatient substance abuse treatment program, you need to know that you’re not trapped. You check in voluntarily, you leave voluntarily. However, there are ramifications to checking out early, like the fact that you’ll have to pay for your whole stay even if you choose to leave. This is the first time you’ve been held accountable for your actions while you’re actively addicted, so it might seem like a shock, but you definitely aren’t being held prisoner.

Taking the Leap and Choosing Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

When you’re ready to take the leap and consider inpatient substance abuse treatment, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to have questions, and that’s why we’re here. At Elite Rehab Placement, we understand how scary it can be to take this big step, and we want you to feel great about your decision to start overcoming your addiction. That’s why our counselors work to match you with rehabs that will really make you feel like you belong and you’re making a great decision about your life.

Recovery is scary, and we get that. There are so many unknowns, the last thing you want to do is find that you’re living an experience that all those naysayers have warned you about. We get to know you, your preferences, your likes and dislikes, and we match you with treatment facilities that will work for your needs.

Not only that, but we understand the financial fear that goes into attending rehab. Chances are, you don’t have much right now, so protecting what you do have, and discovering that you can afford treatment can be amazing. We’re going to talk to your insurance company to see how much of your stay will be covered, and then we can even go further and match you with facilities that offer affordable payment plans, possible grant programs and more.

Our goal is to help you start enjoying an addiction-free lifestyle with as little hassle as possible. Everyone deserves addiction treatment, and inpatient substance abuse treatment has been proven effective time and again. Why not let us help you to find the right rehab for your needs so all you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing that you’re making a solid, educated choice? Give us a call today and find out how we can help you get started on your recovery journey.