For many recovering addicts, after they have gotten sober and for some time after that, they may experience memories that they seem to question. They may not know whether these memories are true and they not be willing to want to know more about them. However, for most recovering addicts who experience these types of selective memories, if they don’t try to deal with them, they will just keep coming back and hounding at them. First of all, it is important to know what selective memories are. A selective memory is when someone is able to recall certain parts of something that has happened in their life while other details are still missing. This is very common for recovering addicts and they should not just be left alone. There are many tips on how recovering addicts can properly deal with their selective memories.

What are some of the many tips for dealing with selective memories?

selective memories

You can deal with selective memories.

When someone is in recovery from their addiction and they are experiencing selective memories, these can often be quite complicated. They may question why they don’t recall everything that has happened and this can really put them at a halt in their recovery. However, if a recovering addict is having these types of memories they should certain deal with them in some way or another and there are many tips that can help them to do that. Some of the many tips for dealing with selective memories include the following:

  • Remember that even though you may have thought you had a pleasurable time when using alcohol and/or drugs, this pleasure wasn’t reality. 
  • Remember that the motivation that you had to stop using alcohol and/or drugs was due to many of the experiences that you have had in your past.
  • Remember that having dreams or thoughts about wanting to use alcohol and/or drugs again can be a major trigger that lead to cravings (deal with this and don’t just ignore them).

These are some of the many ways that a recovering addict can deal with selective memories. These types of memories aren’t going to happen all the time but they do occur from time to time. Even if you are in your recovery from an addiction and you haven’t had to deal with them yet, that doesn’t mean it wont’ happen at some point. When or if you do deal with thesse memories, try to remember the things that are mentioned here today.