Have Hope—Recovery Happens

holistic drug rehabHave hope if you are addicted or have a loved one who is. Recovery happens everyday, and for many people it is a continuing process that was started many years ago. A successful, healthy and happy life is possible for you, or your addicted loved one, too.

It Starts when You Do

Recovery starts when you turn your sights toward it. Even the yearning for recovery is a strong beginning on your journey. Having the desire to recover pushes us to do the things we need to do. And, as long as that desire is present, we are in the game.

Your Miracle Waits

Recovery is a monumental achievement—something to celebrate and be thankful for. It is truly a miracle for those who have it, but it is not miraculous because it is rare or hard to get. It is miraculous because it feels miraculous. It is so transformative that people who experience addiction recovery can’t describe it in any less terms. It is a miracle because it is profoundly and pervasively transformative in every way. That experience waits for you or your loved one if you are just at the beginning, feeling the desire. The next milestone on this journey is to take action toward getting help.

Help Works

Getting help for an addiction from people trained to help is the first action step of recovery. Getting help moves you from the point of desire to pursuit of your desire. That means you are miles closer than ever before. One step—making contact with someone who can help you—catapults you down the road to recovery. From there, you only have to follow suggestions and take recommendations. Each step of the way, help works. It shows you the direction and supports your travel along that road to fulfillment of your desire for recovery.

Hopelessness is an Illusion

Addiction clouds our minds with illusions. We believe, for example, that we are glamorous in our active addictions at some point. Of course, that isn’t true, but we felt it was and acted as if it were. Others, of course, saw something very different. They saw our struggle, unmanageability, inappropriateness and self-destruction. The same dynamic happens in other ways in active addiction.

Among the many illusions of addiction is our belief that we are hopeless and there’s nothing that will help us overcome our addictions. That is as much of an illusion as is the glamor of a self-destructive illness. Hope is yours and it increases as you continue to embrace it every step of your treatment and recovery journey.