Holistic Rehab–Had Enough? Maybe It’s Time for a New Approach

Holistic rehab isn’t for everybody. For that matter, any one approach isn’t for everybody either. However, it hasn’t been too long since people with addictions had much of an option. Fortunately, that has changed in recent years, and we now have a diverse array of treatment options that work. Of course, since you or your addicted loved one is a unique individual, you’ll have to find that right fit for you from all the options available in today’s addiction treatment world, but this exciting diversity makes recovery a reality for many more people than ever before.

You Have to Be On Board

Everyone has misgivings about going to treatment, and everyone, no matter how willing, has resistance to work through. It’s the essential nature of an addictive illness that makes it such a struggle. Active addiction convinces our mind, body, and spirit that it is a necessity in our lives. We are compelled to continue using despite even a desperate desire to stop and certain knowledge that substance use is destroying us and everything we love. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it, or witnessed it up close. And, many looking in on the lives of addicts really don’t get how powerful the grip of addiction is.

When you decide that you can’t live addicted anymore and that you can’t go it alone to find freedom, you have to have help. Reaching out is the first significant step in anyone’s recovery. It is the movement of stepping onto the path of freedom. However, you have to find the right help to increase the odds in your favor. It’s hard enough work as it is. You don’t need to waste valuable time in a treatment setting that you are going to fight.

Our resistance comes from many places–the illness itself, our fear that we can’t live without the ‘help’ of substances, and the sad reality that we’re just not on board with the treatment and recovery approaches we try. For example, 12 Step programs like AA or NA (Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) have saved countless lives worldwide, and continue to do so even as you read this. But, there is another side to this story, too. There are countless others they did not work for. The same is true for any other approach, recovery philosophy and technique.

The Despair of Failed Efforts

Addiction is a chronic and relapsing condition in the lives of many. All of us know this and have seen it in some form. And, there are people who have fought it for decades without any significantly sustained success. We have to ask why?–whether it’s our own illness, that of a loved one, or a stranger’s we are trying to understand.

Hopelessness and helplessness are integral parts of an addicted person’s life, especially right before surrendering to the need for treatment. Nothing works, things get worse despite the strongest efforts, and you become convinced that nothing you will ever do will reverse these horrible conditions. ‘Despair’ is a strong word, but many say it is not strong enough to describe how they felt.

It takes a lot of energy and courage to seek help, and some say they don’t know where they found it, but they did. And, even those who are in that situation for the first time, can feel so hopeless they really don’t think treatment will work. Fortunately, a great many go anyway and find they were mistaken. It really is a situation of what do you have to lose if you feel hopeless.

However, some say that they have felt so bad they didn’t want to run the risk of ‘failing’ again–meaning they didn’t want to go to treatment and fail again by having another relapse after all that effort. This is understandable given the power of addiction to batter and confuse us, but it is not reality. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are real to feel, but they aren’t necessarily fact.

Holistic Rehab Offers Another Avenue of Hope

We certainly need all the hope we can get when it comes to dealing with addiction. The entire U.S. (and other countries) have been dealing with addiction epidemics of one sort or another for many years now. And, it continues.

One of the responses to this severe public health crisis has been a scramble to meet the treatment needs of so many people, and many areas still are not able to on a regular basis. It is a constant struggle to find rehabs with availability, and many have long waiting lists. Unfortunately, sometimes the window of opportunity isn’t open very long when someone decides they can make it to treatment. By the time the waiting lists have moved them up, they may be lost in another cycle of using.

Also, there are many who have more specific needs than some rehabs can effectively deal with in the short time people participate in them. And, sometimes many have a more comprehensive need than others, perhaps their compulsive drug has permeated mind, body, and spirit, leaving them in need of a more extensive health approach on multiple levels, for example. In a holistic rehab, you can work on gut health problems, spiritual development and a good relapse prevention plan at the same time, for instance, and that is simply one example in a range of many types of need a holistic rehab can address.

Also, since more traditional treatment and recovery approaches have not been a good fit for many, people have ‘fallen through the cracks’. And, there are people who have ‘fallen through’ more than once. Particularly in their cases, summoning up the courage and willingness to go do something again, that was a painful struggle before, can be a difficult process. The great news, however, is that holistic rehab tremendously enlarges our treatment options for addiction and many of those cracks people have to fall through have been taken care of.

You are a Whole Person Not an Illness

Whenever we have a serious illness, it is tempting to identify ourselves with it. It is also tempting for others to do the same. This can be particularly true for conditions that are highly stigmatized such as mental health and substance disorders. However, people are far more than their illnesses, no matter how serious those illnesses are.

A holistic rehab gives us a chance to shift to a larger-than-the-illness identity. Doing so allows us to find strengths and resources within us to help us recover. Having the support and encouragement of a program that also does the same for us can be a very empowering experience.

Mobilizing Self-Healing Energies

A holistic treatment approach focuses on the healing energies available to us that are not always recognized by individuals or their treatment providers. We access these through non-traditional healing practices such as meditation, yoga, visualization, super nutrition and other methods.

Also, a holistic rehab program helps participants find their own lifestyle practices that can be continued after rehab. So, in effect, holistic recovery plans are more detailed lifestyle practices than a checklist of relapse prevention tasks. The orientation is different. Rather than being focused on preventing a relapse, a holistic plan focuses on building and maintaining health and well-being.

Finding Wholeness in Treatment

Addiction is a splintering illness. It splits us off from others, the world and life in general, even ourselves. Isolation, alienation, withdrawal, and rejection are fundamental in the illness. And, along with all this disconnection comes the many of aspects of the illness–its thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors.

As an addictive illness progresses, the fragmentation inside us and out continues and deepens. For example, in the family, there may be a slight pulling away emotionally as intoxication is more frequent. However, disconnections progress as there is more use, and perhaps open conflict erupts about the substance use, and so on, with more overt and difficult reactions.

A holistic rehab experience addresses this type of fragmentation and seeks to integrate various areas of life back into a whole system of health and well-being. This requires a comprehensive method which addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life.

If You or a Loved One Need Help

If you or a loved one need help to overcome an addiction, it is time to reach out for help. It is also time to find the right help for your individual clinical needs, or those of an addicted loved one. While we are very fortunate to have a great diversity of treatment options available to us, it can also be an overwhelming tangle of options to navigate, particularly when you and your family are in crisis.

At Elite Rehab Placement, we offer a free consultation service designed to reduce the confusion and red tape of finding the right treatment program. We help you clarify the specifics of what will be the most optimal treatment option, considering the specific substance use, co-existing problems, individual preferences, and financial situation.

If you are interested in a holistic rehab treatment option, we have a large database of information from which to advise you. We can also help you better understand a holistic option vs. other forms of treatment that may serve you as well. Whatever your final choice, we can help you along the way of your decision with our experience and information.

If it is time to seek help and begin a new life, know that it is possible and within your reach with the right help and your willingness. Recovery is a reality for countless people. You or your addicted loved one can join them.