Could Holistic Alcohol Rehab Be Just What Your Recovery Needs?


Holistic alcohol rehab is becoming more and more popular and for good reason, but if you’ve never heard of it, or thought much about attending this type of treatment for your alcoholism, you might not know what you’re missing out on.

For many people, alcoholism is a serious problem to their lives. Even those who have alcohol abuse conditions, such as a binge drinker, or a high functioning alcoholic, can suffer the effects of their uncontrolled drinking over time. The binge-drinker tends to go a little crazy once or twice a week, or even monthly. The trouble for this type of drinker is that they drink so much that they might black out, or behave badly while they are drinking. Relationships are damaged, the health is damaged, and even legal problems can follow.

The functioning alcoholic might find that they do alright most of the time, but often feels as if they are at the mercy of their addiction, and control is usually just an illusion. Sometimes, this type of alcohol disorder can create emotional issues, and creates an inability to experience joy until alcohol is consumed.

Then, of course, there is the alcoholic that is simply an alcoholic. Drinking rules their lives, and they simply cannot function without having some alcohol in the system. This, without a doubt is the most damaging to the health, and the life, since being drunk is so debilitating.

Learning to Overcome an Alcohol Abuse Disorder

No matter what type of alcoholic a person is, or what type of alcohol abuse disorder they might have, learning to overcome it is an essential step in gaining control over their lives, and learning to live addiction-free. For many, though, nothing but an inpatient rehab will do the trick, and this is where a holistic alcohol rehab can be an am amazing fit for you and your needs.

When you choose to attend a rehab, you are deciding that you need help with not only the detox process, but also learning how to change your thinking and lifestyle so that alcohol abuse of any kind simply doesn’t fit in it. You want to change your thinking and your mindset so you don’t feel as if you need to get high or drunk all the time, and the best way to do this is attend an addiction treatment program that suits your needs.

For many, addiction recovery is about learning how to overcome the thinking and the mindset that make you continue to want to drink.

Many experts feel that an addiction is simply a symptom of something bigger going on with a person physically, or emotionally. Many people choose to drink because they cannot handle their feelings of anxiety. They become depressed, but find that when they drink, they aren’t so anxious or down.

Others choose to drink because they feel pain. At first, when a person notices that chronic pain isn’t so bad when they are drunk, it’s refreshing. Over time, an addiction develops, and ultimately, learning to cope and ease the pain without the help of alcohol is the only way that individual will be able to kick their addiction to alcohol.

Treating the Issue Holistically

When it comes to holistic alcohol rehab, the idea is to encourage total being wellness. This means that the mind, body and spirit are all in good shape, well balanced and living well. Holistic practitioners believe that when all three elements of the being are balanced, total body wellness follows.

A holistic addiction treatment program addresses your addiction in a total body wellness approach to help balance all of these aspects of your life. Through mediation, and exercises, as well as Yoga, nutrition and supplementation, you will begin to experience a greater sense of wellbeing and balance in your life. You’ll feel better physically, too, because proper nutrition, sleep and exercise help your body to heal the effects of your alcohol abuse.

Emotionally, you’re going to learn how to live in the moment. You’ll learn that the only thing you can truly control is the present moment, so you’ll discover ways to deal with every situation in life. This includes stress, anxiety, and even those trigger times that can be so damaging to your recovery. You’ll also learn how to look inward and establish a sense of inner peace and joy. So, you’re finding out how to be accepting of yourself, and how you are worthy of joy and happiness. Yes, this all happens in a holistic alcohol rehab, and it’s a transformation that many feel you have to experience to truly understand.

For many people, the total mind and body wellness idea of a holistic alcohol rehab is just what they needed to help them live the sober lives they’ve been dreaming of. From a detox that tries to avoid medications and works with nutrition and supplements, to a recovery program that gives you the tools to gain and maintain your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing, you might just find that holistically addressing your addiction, and your recovery, is the best thing you ever did for yourself.

What You can Expect to Find

When you choose to start working on your alcohol abuse disorder, you know it’s not going to be easy. You know that you might go through detox, and you might also need some help to understand what happens to you when you drink. You may face some emotionally challenging realities that might be driving factors when it comes to how much you wind up drinking.

When you go to rehab, you can expect a number of things for sure. If you’ve been drinking, you’ll likely need to go through detox. It’s not fun, but it is essential to helping you get started living sober.

Once you’re through with detox, the real work begins. This is where you start learning how to live without drinking. You’ll begin to find out what makes you want to drink, as well as learn new ways to embrace who you are, your spirituality, and the life you’re living.

With the help of group therapy, you’re going to build a strong support network that will help to carry you through Holistic Rehab Centertough times, and set you up with friendships that can last a lifetime. This is your new group of friends, these are your sober allies, and you’re going to find that spending time with them can get you through even the most irritating cravings and urges.

You can also expect to find solid healing when you choose holistic alcohol rehab. You can expect to find a new world, where sobriety looks and feels really great, and where you really want to keep living such a healthy, fulfilling life.

When you’re ready

When you’re ready to overcome your alcohol abuse disorder and you know you want to give holistic alcohol rehab a try, we can help you find their right facility for your needs. From the financing of your stay, to the place where you’ll be waking up for the next 30, 60 or even 90 days, we at Elite Rehab Placement can help you find a holistic treatment facility that you feel like you really belong in.

Sure, you can do an online search and make all the calls yourself. You can talk to someone at every facility, find out about costs, fees, insurance and any other details that you can think of, or you can talk to us, and our professional counselors can do the hard work for you. They get to know you. They learn the things you enjoy, your hopes, and the things you can’t stand to gain a comprehensive picture of the type of treatment that’s going to be most effective for you.

Then, you relax, and we go to work matching you with treatment options that we think you’d be interested. The best part for many is how we even call your insurance company to determine your coverage, and then go the extra mile to help you with things like payment plans and, in some cases, the potential for government funding.

You’ll find that the search for holistic alcohol rehab has never been easier, so you have no reason not to give us a call. We know what it’s like to want to get sober, but not know what the next step is, and we can help you go from wishing you could heal, to starting on the road to recovery.

We never charge you a penny for our services, and you’ll never be obligated to choose a rehab that we match you with. So, if it’s not a good fit, or you change your mind, you still have the referral, and you didn’t have to pay anything.

Life is so short. Your alcohol abuse has already taken up too much of your precious time. Take control, balance your world, and see how amazing a holistic addiction recovery can be. Let us help with take the next step and get started living sober. You’ll be so glad you did.