Have you had a checkup lately? Probably not. Often, when we overcome addiction, we don’t think about the basic need to check in with the doc to make sure that everything is doing okay, but if you don’t, you won’t know if there is something wrong. Panic over health is something that happens to many working to overcome addiction and this is another great reason to have a checkup. So, if you’re still thinking that you don’t need to make that appointment for a physical, here are some great reasons why you should.

  • have you had a checkupYour healthy addiction recovery depends on it. Overcoming your addiction is scary, and finding out if your body is okay despite the toxins you’ve been feeding it is scary, too. It’s important, though. Often, problems that might have been caused by your addiction will heal over time, but your doctor can help you to take steps to make sure you are able to regenerate and be healthy again. You also may have been engaging in some pretty risky behaviors that can affect your health too. Chances are, you’ve put yourself into situations where you may have been exposed to Hepatitis and AIDS. Why not find out where your body is health-wise so you can treat problems you do have and rest your mind when you find out it’s not so bad?
  • Your rehab may require it. Before you enter rehab, your treatment facility of choice may be asking you the common question, “Have you had a checkup lately?” If your answer is no, be prepared, because you may need to get one. This is to protect you – and your caretakers during the most difficult of times – such as detox. You may find that you need to get checked out before entering rehab – or you might find that when you check in, you’ll have to have a physical.
  • Put your mind at ease. Most of the time, you’re going to get your physical and find that you’re one of the lucky ones that hasn’t suffered much damage to your body. This will put your mind at ease and help you to reinforce your addiction recovery efforts. When you enjoy the peace of knowing that your body is healthy, you don’t have to be worried about getting sick all the time.

Have you had a checkup lately? When you’re working to overcome your addiction, it’s likely that thinking of some of the things you’ve done can be really scary. Some of the situations you’ve put yourself and your body in are likely to make you cringe and keep you up at night. You may be wondering if your body is healthy anymore, so why not put your mind at rest and get that physical? Your healthy recovery depends on it – so why not start with the most important part: Your overall health?