Happiness in Recovery – Why It’s Essential


It seems like a no-brainer, but happiness in recovery is an essential element to enjoying a healthy, successful journey. There is no denying that when you’re happy with something, you’re much more likely to stick with it, but isn’t addiction recovery a totally different story? As it turns out, it might be one of the most important elements to living clean.

When you look at happiness in general, there are lots of benefits, but when you’re kicking an addiction, it can be even more important to decide to take on a happy attitude. In fact, it might be that just by boosting your overall outlook on life, you’re actually able to boost your recovery success throughout your life.

The Benefits of Happiness in Recovery

There is no denying that there are benefits to being happy. Research shows that people who are happy tend to live longer lives, and are healthier overall. They also experience fewer aging related complications, even when they report feeling stressed in their everyday lives. Not only that, but some of the most successful people in the world have said that because they are happy in what they are doing with their lives, success seems to come really easily for them.

When it comes to addiction recovery, happiness can make all the difference for many reasons, but mostly, it helps to keep you moving forward and looking forward to the next day. Other common benefits of being happy in addiction recovery include:

  • Stronger recovery progress. If you’re feeling happy with your addiction recovery journey, you’re much more likely to enjoy strong progress. In fact, those who are generally happy with the way that their recovery is going might actually be less likely to relapse over time, and that can mean fewer struggles with living clean and sober.
  • Better overall health. When you’re unhappy, no matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s much more likely that you’ll feel aches and pains, and can even suffer from more common bugs that so many people get. When you’re happy, it can help to keep your immune system strong and healthy, and that can mean that you experience better overall health.
  • More rapid healing from the effects of addiction. When you’re working to overcome some of the negative physical effects of your addiction, it can feel pretty daunting. But, if you’re happy in your journey, your body is going to heal much more quickly than if you were feeling depressed and downtrodden during your journey.
  • Less stress. For those in addiction recovery, life can feel pretty overwhelming. Stressors might feel like they are simply too big to handle, and this can lead to extreme amounts of tension and anxiety. However, when you’re truly happy with your life in recovery, you’re much more likely to feel less stressed and more likely to be able to take on the world and whatever it throws at you.

Happiness in recovery is also really beneficial when it comes to your emotional well-being. It’s no small matter getting emotionally stable enough to be able to say no to your drug of choice. When you’re feeling anything negative, it can make you want to break down and use or drink. However, when you’re able to face those negativities and really tackle them head-on, you’ll likely find that you’re able to avoid relapse.

Being happy in recovery can help you to deal with many of those deep, underlying emotional issues in a healthy way, and that can keep you from struggling to obtain good emotional health.

Creating a Happy Life – Getting Started

Unfortunately, many who decide that they are going to get started in addiction recovery don’t really focus on their happiness. They figure that since they are kicking an addiction, it’s pretty likely that they will feel miserable. While this might seem like it should be, it’s not the best way to embark on a healthy recovery journey.

But, what if you could start your recovery with a happy, satisfied frame of mind so that you’re able to tackle even the toughest situations? By taking steps like developing a personalized addiction treatment program with the rehab of your choice, you can feel more involved and actually look forward to getting started living a healthy recovery.

When it comes to how you choose to see your journey, you can see the clouds causing a storm to brew down the road, or you can focus on the sunny day you’re living right now. Experts feel that by living each day as it comes, you’re much more likely to experience happiness in recovery than if you were to anticipate what hasn’t even happened yet.

Another way to be happy in recovery is to have a “Plan B.” In other words, know what you’ll do if your first plan of action doesn’t go the way you would like. It’s easy to do this in most situations, and you might actually find that the contingency plan almost never needs to be put into place, but if it does, the simple idea of readiness can help you to feel happier in general.

Learning how to cope with stress is another great way to enjoy more happiness in recovery, and keep going strong in your journey, even when it feels like you might not want to. By practicing deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, getting enough sleep, and even exercising regularly, you’ll find that you can address most stressful situations with a calm mind and heart.

Addiction Treatment that You Can Be Happy With

Another essential first step to experiencing happiness in recovery is to find a rehab or addiction treatment program that you can really feel good about. By knowing that you’re choosing a program that will work for your needs, that you can afford, and that you fit into, you can start your recovery journey feeling good about your new life.

Rehab isn’t just about getting clean. It’s about learning how to turn an addiction into a life experience that gives you the tools you need to live a happy, healthy, productive life for you and your loved ones. Addiction treatment is about helping you to figure out what you need in your life and heart, and your soul to feel confident and satisfied in your life. It’s about learning how to live without smothering your emotions, no matter what they are.

In order to tackle your feelings head-on, an overall healthy emotional attitude, and general happiness can give you the recovery boost you need. The right rehab can help you to get there.

When you need to find an addiction treatment that you can feel happy about, and satisfied enough with that you actually want to see it through and want to change your life, you need help to shuffle through the many factors that decide a solid rehab experience.

We can help. We are Elite Rehab Placement, and our qualified, caring counselors will not only get to know you, your preferences, your needs and your likes and dislikes, but we’ll walk with you through the whole process until the day you check in and start your recovery journey. We know it’s hard and often pretty scary, and we want you to know that you have someone on your side, cheering you on every single day.

If you’re worried about finances, talk to us. You might be surprised to find that your insurance will cover your stay at rehab, so even if it doesn’t cover the whole thing, it will likely cover a lot of it. We understand insurance, and we understand how financing rehab works. We’ll use it to help you get the treatment you need, without having to worry about going into debt to change your life.

Happiness in recovery is essential, and while you can control some of it, other aspects aren’t so easy to control. Let us help you get the best start possible by helping you find a rehab that you feel really connected with so you can begin your recovery journey feeling happy with what your future holds.