Going Cold Turkey From Alcohol – Understanding the Dangers


common alcohol withdrawal symptomsGoing cold turkey from alcohol is a very dangerous proposition for many. You never really know what the severity of your withdrawal symptoms will be, so choosing to just quit drinking might sound tempting, but it can be much more dangerous than you realize.

So, what are the dangers of going cold turkey from alcohol? Why can’t you just stop drinking if you’re an alcoholic? Isn’t abstaining from drinking the first step in being sober? It’s important to understand the dangers that go along with any kind of self-detox, but especially from quitting drinking suddenly.

  • Withdrawal symptoms are no joke. Now, you might be thinking that you’ll feel like you have a really bad flu, with vomiting. Think again. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can get really severe, and since even throwing up too much can be dangerous, it’s important to know what the potential withdrawal symptoms are, as well as how to handle them if you’re going to be going through detox alone.
  • The longer you’ve been addicted, the worse the withdrawal can be. This is a sad but true fact of any kind of addiction. The longer you’ve struggled with it, the harder it will be to get it all out of your body. So, while going cold turkey from alcohol might not be too serious if you’ve only been drinking for a few months, it can be extremely dangerous if you’ve been drinking heavily for a few years.
  • Alcohol detox can get pretty serious. While we’ve already covered the fact that withdrawal symptoms are no joke, it’s important to know that alcohol detox comes with it’s own special set of issues. Things like organ failure, or seizures aren’t unheard of when it comes to alcohol detox.
  • People have lost their lives from going cold turkey from alcohol. This is something else that cannot be emphasized enough. People have died from trying to do the right thing. Alcohol is extremely toxic, and when you’ve been consuming it for a while, you’ve taught your brain that you need it to survive. When you stop giving your brain what it thinks it needs, it’s going to rebel – a lot. This is where things get dangerous and why it’s just not a good idea to try any kind of alcohol detox alone.

If you’re thinking that you’re fine with going cold turkey from alcohol, make sure that you have someone with you to help you through when things get tough. At the very least, they can seek medical attention for you if you can’t do it yourself. If you’re thinking of quitting drinking, you should know that this is an excellent first step in your recovery. So, do it the right way and enjoy a healthy, successful recovery journey.