Get the Truth About Methamphetamine Effects Today

Meth AddictionMethamphetamine is one of the strongest stimulant drug out there which also makes it one of the most addictive as well. Even in little amounts, this drug can cause major effects on the body. It can lead to heart problems, hypothermia, seizures, methamphetamine addiction and even death as well. This is just the beginning of the long list of effects that often occur with use of this drug. Our rehab center has treated many addicts who dealt with a ride range of the effects mentioned here today. One goal of our rehab center is to help addicts get clean and in recovery before any further damage is done.

This drug increases the dopamine levels in the body which is one reason why it is so addictive. The dopamine in the body is responsible for bringing the person pleasure. When someone uses methamphetamine and feels pleasure, they start feeling as if they need this drug. From there, everything spirals downward, and damage starts happening to the body, mind, and lifestyle of the drug user.

Before learning more about the side effects, short and long-term, from methamphetamine, you should know one thing. Whether you have only used this drug once or you have been addicted to it for many years, there is a treatment program that can help you. It is important that you stop the addictive lifestyle and use of this drug in its track before things get any worse. The sooner you do, the sooner you can live your life with sobriety and clean from harmful substances! That is a life you deserve so call the rehab center today!

Short-Term Side Effects of Using Methamphetamine

As mentioned above, methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the market. Some people use this drug just once and become addicted. It is important that everyone knows as much about the dangers and effects of this drug as possible. There are many short-term effects known about with use of this drug.

As you can tell here, there are various short-term side effects from using methamphetamine. It may seem as though the effects at the beginning are good. Increased wakefulness, less fatigue and being able to get more done. However, most of that comes from the increased dopamine levels released in the body when using this drug. That is one reason the drug is so addictive and from there, will only lead to negative effects and the addictive lifestyle.

Long-Term Side Effects of Using Methamphetamine

In addition to the above-mentioned short-term side effects from methamphetamine, there are various long-term side effects. Just as noted with the short-term effects, both an addictive lifestyle and death are possible in the long-term too. This drug has ruined many lives. It is great news how many have been able to overcome their methamphetamine addiction and seek help from the rehab facility. However, there are still others suffering many of these longer-term side effects.

Some of the most common long-term effects of methamphetamine are blood vessel damage in the brain and heart, higher blood pressure and strokes. This damage is generally permanent and irreversible. Additionally, many methamphetamine addicts will experience damage to their lungs, kidneys, and liver too. Just from these side effects, you can tell just how damaging this drug is for the body. Others who use this drug may experience long-term, severe weight loss. They might have major tooth decay. Some methamphetamine addicts will become disoriented, depression, psychosis and brain damage. The brain physically and structurally changes when using methamphetamine. Epilepsy becomes an issue for many people addicted to this drug too.

Methamphetamine can be used in many different ways. Some addicts will sniff, inject or smoke it. Those who sniff this drug might experience nasal tissue damage. People who inject it might get an infectious disease or infection at the injection site. Those who smoke it have a higher risk of respiratory issues. No matter how this drug is taken, it is dangerous, nonetheless. The more the person takes of this drug, the higher the chance of overdosing.

Long-term effects of methamphetamine may also include anxiety, insomnia, psychosis, stress disorders, intense cravings and severe withdrawal symptoms when stopping.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Methamphetamine

The above mentioned short-term and long-term side effects of methamphetamine are just some of the many Addiction Recovery for Every Issuewhich have been presented in addicts. While using this drug, even just once, the brain starts changing. The person using the drug starts believing they need the drug and that is when the methamphetamine addiction starts forming. When someone becomes so addicted to something, they may go through mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. This happens with just about everyone who stops using methamphetamine. The main reason for that is because of how physically and emotionally addictive this drug really is. Due to this fact, it is quite important that anyone trying to withdraw from this drug, get help from a drug rehab center.

One of the first withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone stops using methamphetamine is the intense cravings. This happens for some people even within hours after their last use. With these severe cravings, all they can think about is when they will get to use the drug again. Another one of the most common withdrawal symptoms is the sleep disturbances. These can include insomnia, vivid nightmares and sleeping far too much as well. Other methamphetamine addicts may experience tremors, shaking, chills, sweating, and fever. They may get nauseous and vomit as well. Other withdrawal symptoms include respiratory failure, hypertension, heart palpitations, coma, seizures and even death. Sometimes the body goes into shock when coming off the drug which is why it is that important to get help and supervision when withdrawing from methamphetamine.

Side Effects of a Methamphetamine Addiction

It is also important to discuss more the side effects of the methamphetamine addiction itself. Just from having an addiction to this drug, many things in addition to the above-mentioned effects and withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Many addicts who are using this drug will lie and try hiding their addiction. They may partake in many risky behaviors such as stealing, sexual activities, and violence. Other addicts may withdraw from social events where they feel they may be judged. Some addicts will call into work when high or going through withdrawal. They may not take care of their personal appearance, talk too much, have dilated pupils or break off a relationship with someone who confronts them about their use of drugs. With a methamphetamine addiction, the addict may become restless, agitated or delusional. They may lose custody of their children, lose a job or lose their home.

Methamphetamine costs a lot of money and addicts will often spend thousands and thousands of dollars a month to fund their addiction. These are just some of the many side effects that might be present when someone is addicted to this drug.


In conclusion, anyone using methamphetamine may experience many effects. The short-term, long-term, withdrawal and addiction effects mentioned are some of the many that could occur. Methamphetamine is a very dangerous and addictive drug. It has already taken the lives of too many people.

Due to the addictive nature of this drug, some people only use it once and are hooked from there. The dopamine is released into their body causing them to feel a great need¬Ě for the drug. This is because they feel pleasure when using it and the crash as the drug wears off is so harsh. The more someone uses the drug and the longer they have been using it, the harder it could be to overcome the addiction. However, there are treatment programs available to help you overcome a methamphetamine addiction.

It doesn’t matter what side effects that you have had from using this drug up to this point when you get into a rehab center, the staff will help you through the withdrawal and get you into a recovery program. There might be some health issues that are now irreversible, but you could save yourself a lot of pain and future damage by getting into a rehab center today. The detoxing process might be scaring you but just know the rehab center staff are trained in helping to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. They are trained in helping you to get past the addictive lifestyle and into recovery.

Make your decision today to stop letting any more side effects from methamphetamine or the addiction to this drug hold you back! You deserve to live a greater, clean lifestyle and you can do just that. All you need to do is call the rehab facility today, admit to your addiction and get started in overcoming the addiction!