Finding Residential Treatment Centers – 10 Things to Look For


Finding residential treatment centers is one of the biggest complaints of those who have decided they want to get started overcoming their addiction. It can be tough to make such a big decision, because, after all, this is where the rest of a clean and sober life will begin. Many have said that they don’t feel like there are enough options to choose from, or that they simply don’t know what to look for.

Others are afraid that there is just no way that they can afford it. They don’t believe that they will ever be able to go to rehab because it’s just too expensive for them. Plus, there is so much that is just hard to understand about addiction treatment. Who can know what they should be looking for?

Understanding What Goes Into Treatment First

Before you begin looking for the right addiction rehabs for your needs, you need to know what goes into addiction treatment. There are things to consider, like the treatment program you’ll be working with. It’s important to know whether you’ll be choosing a rehab that bases their treatment on a traditional 12 step program, or if it’s a non-step based program. You might think it doesn’t matter now, but if you’re not spiritual, or you don’t want to work with steps, you might find that a step based treatment program is too much for you to handle.

There is also therapy that goes into any type of addiction treatment. This is how you’re going to get to the root of the problem. Many addiction therapists believe that addiction is just a symptom of other things in your life that you can’t really deal with. Maybe it’s PTSD, maybe you have an underlying emotional or mental condition, or maybe you’ve just been hurt too many times by too many people. No matter what the problem is, you need to get to the bottom of it and learn how to cope with the situation. Then, there is group therapy to consider. Every rehab offers it, but how much?

Alternative therapies are also a pretty big deal, as this is the way that you fill your time and engage in activities that you can enjoy, but also learn from. Equine therapy was one of the first and might be one of the more effective alternative therapies, but there are more.

The location of a residential treatment facility is important, too. How would you feel about getting far away for a while? Believe it or not, but many people like to stay right where they are when they’re in treatment. The familiar helps them to stay strong and committed because they know that their lives are right there waiting for them. Others like the idea of a fresh new perspective.

Finding residential treatment centers requires you to have a general knowledge of these things, so you can narrow your search and look at only the options that appeal to you.

The Top 10 Things to Consider

So, now that you kind of know what you should be looking for here’s a list of some of the most important factors to consider before choosing a rehab that meets your needs:

  1. On-site detox. While there are many rehabs that do not offer on-site detox, you should at the very least ensure that they work with a nearby detox facility. It’s too easy to slip up during the detox process, and sometimes by choosing a rehab that has on-site detox, you can save some money. Not only that, but if you’re doing well, and you’re in a facility that has their detox right there, you might be able to start your actual addiction treatment that much sooner.
  2. Location, location, location. Beachfront sells, and it does in rehabs, too. However, not everyone is so excited about the prospect of being so far away from home. So, consider the location of the rehab you choose. Sometimes, far away is a lot like a vacation, but other times, it can feel like you’ve been sent away by your friends and family.
  3. The cost. The cost of choosing not to go to rehab can be high, but we’re talking about the dollars and cents of your stay in an addiction treatment facility. There is no denying that when you simply pay out of your pocket, rehab is expensive. In fact, most people don’t have the money to just plunk down. However, when you use your health insurance, you’ll probably find that your cost drops significantly. Add that to potential payment plans that the rehab offers, and you’ll discover that finding residential treatment centers that you can afford isn’t impossible.
  4. The treatment program. Is it a step based recovery program you’re seeking, or would you rather a non-12 step treatment plan? This matters, and while you might not think so now, understanding your options in this situation can make a big difference. Sometimes, we think that just because everyone else has done it and found it worked, it will work for us, but that’s not always the case. So, get a clear understanding of the differences, and how each can work for you.
  5. Amenities. Sometimes, we just need to have our own room. We also need to have a beach view and luxurious surroundings. Other times, we need to have access to wi-fi and the ability to make calls so we can keep working at our chosen careers while we start working on ourselves. You want to know that you’re going to feel like you’re in the right place at the right time, and that often means making sure you choose surroundings that suit your tastes and lifestyle.
  6. Alternative therapies. You might not care right now if you’ll be doing Yoga, brushing horses, or learning to cook, but you will when you find that you have to do them. Finding residential treatment centers often centers on what they offer as alternative types of treatment. These days, you’ll probably find that these extras are what you carry out of rehab with, and they carry over onto your new recovering lifestyle. So, think about what you would be interested in, and how much you could apply these new tools to your everyday life.
  7. The length of stay. Some rehabs are beginning to offer longer stays in their facilities. In fact, some people go into rehab for as long as six months, and a new normal is becoming 90 days. It’s important for you to consider how much time you will be able to take from work, and the rest of your life, as well as how strong you feel your commitment to your recovery is. Some people do great at 30 days, while others are just settling into the role of recovering addict at that time. If you aren’t sure how long a stay will help you the most, consider choosing a treatment facility that is a little more open about how long you can stay there.
  8. Relatability. Sometimes, we just don’t like someone. This can happen in rehab, too. So, at the very least, talk to the people you’ll be spending so much time with. The way you connect with your counselors and therapists will make a significant difference in how well you do in your recovery journey. Being able to feel comfortable with the people you’re spilling your guts to is essential to help you make the most of your time in rehab.
  9. The ability to choose how much and what types of therapy. Some studies show that individualized treatment programs are the most effective way to get on the path to overcoming your addiction. If you aren’t sure why, consider that when you’re working closely with your therapist and counselors to build your treatment program, you’re going to be much more interested in what happens to you. So, maybe you need a little more group therapy time, but individual treatment isn’t really your thing right now. Individual treatment programs will offer you a feeling of control and connection with your whole addiction treatment program.
  10. Reviews. Some people are never going to have anything good to say about the rehab they went to. Others might just have rave reviews. It’s important to look at the reviews of a treatment facility before you choose to attend because they can give you a very strong insight into what life is like in this particular treatment facility. It can keep you from choosing a rehab you’re not happy in, and direct you toward one that you feel confident about having chosen.

Finding residential treatment centers isn’t easy. This is a heavy decision that can change your whole life. But, you should know that studies show that addiction treatment can even help those who seem like nothing can. The right addiction treatment program can take your recovery from being something you feel forced to do, to something that you look forward to every single day of living.

Why not contact us today? We’ll help you get started on your journey by having one of our caring counselors get to know you and help you find what you’re looking for in an addiction treatment facility. There is no cost to you ever, and you’ll get fast results. You’ve done enough by choosing to get clean and sober, so why not let us match you with facilities that you’ll really want to go to? It’s easy, and there is no cost to you, and you never have any obligation.