Experience Building in Recovery

iStock_000037932394_SmallWhether you are just considering getting into a detox program or you are already in recovery, experience building is a must. It allows you to build the foundation of your recovery, prevent a relapse and even grow as an individual too. Experience building can be done in many ways during recovery. For many recovering addicts, there first experience they built in recovery was going to an addiction rehab center. If you are not in recovery yet, you may want to give that a try. There are further ways you can build more experience in your recovery as well.

Make New Friends

Making new friends does not mean you have to let go of all the friends you have now. It just means that sometimes, while in recovery, it can be nice to hang out with other recovering addicts. Think about it…these are others who are going through recovery, overcoming some of the same obstacles and finding their place in life. By making some new friends, you can build upon your support network as well.

Try Out New Recovery Activities

During your recovery, you may hear about many recovery activities. You may have different thoughts regarding some of them but until you try them, you never know if you will like them. Some common recovery activities are sober bonfires, horseback riding, going to the movies, playing a sport and much more. Doing all or some of these things with other recovering addicts allows you to feel a sense of belonging you may not feel with your other friends.

Try New Things

One excellent part of being in recovery is that you are clean and sober. This gives you the opportunity to try new things. Whether it is going to a new place, travelling, getting a new job or anything else, trying new things can benefit your life in many ways. Put some time into thinking about what new things you might want to try. Even if they don’t seem possible at first just write them all down. Afterwards, pick one that you believe is doable at this time and go for it.

Experience building in recovery allows you to create a great foundation to your recovery. It allows you to make new friends, try out new recovery activities, try new things and much more. What experiences would you like to have in your recovery? Think about this and go for it. You can enjoy experience building in your recovery.