Everyone Wants to Know How to Cure Addiction – What They Find can be Daunting


common alcohol withdrawal symptomsEveryone wants to know how to cure addiction. It’s the biggest question out there because so many people struggle with this issue. Whether it’s alcohol, illicit substances, pain pills, nicotine, or something more subtle, like gaming, addiction is a serious problem for millions of people around the world.

Even worse is that many of those who are addicted want to know what they can do to overcome it and start living normally. The cigarette smoker doesn’t want to be sinking thousands of dollars a year into his habit, and the heroin addict doesn’t want to worry about getting sick when she can’t get high anymore. No matter what the addiction, the theme is the same – how do we cure it?

Addiction is a Chronic Condition

Since this is one of the most significant health risks that people face today, tons of research is being done to determine how to fight it. How do we stop senseless overdose deaths? How do we get those smokers to stop hurting their hearts? What is going to ultimately help? This is the common question that experts and those struggling with the addictions are asking, and it turns out that there are emerging answers.

Take the fact that addiction is a chronic condition. Or a disease. With a physical condition, it gets managed. Much like Diabetes, or even Multiple Sclerosis. A series of treatments are tried and if they work well, then they are said to be managing the condition they are treating. If they don’t work, then they are ruled out and other options are tried.

The same can be said of addiction. While there is no “cure,” for this condition, there are many ways to manage it, and the first thing you need to do is begin with an intensive treatment to help get the addiction under control.

The Right Kind of Treatment is Unique to You

Just like other types of conditions, not everything that treats it will work well for everyone who is working to control their situation. Addiction is the same way. Getting clean and sober isn’t always going to be the same process for everyone. When it comes to addictions where rehab is concerned, a successful recovery journey often depends on finding the right kind of addiction treatment program, to begin with.

The right type of addiction treatment for your needs might not be the same as what works for others with similar addictions. You might relate to something alternative or holistic, while many others feel that a step-based program is a solid match for their personal needs.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of trial and error, and other times, it comes down to what type of rehab seems to speak to you and your personal beliefs, ideas, and goals.

When you’re trying to figure out how to cure addiction, it’s important to understand that a treatment program that you really feel committed to can make a tremendous difference in how well you are able to overcome your addiction and start living a normal, healthy life.

Maintenance Matters, Too

We often forget about maintaining our recovery progress, but without it, many find that they quickly relapse and even go back to their old ways. This is usually because, like all conditions, management and maintenance are essential. You need to check in on your recovery to ensure that you’re still feeling connected to it, and you also have to embrace certain lifestyle changes that help you to avoid relapse.

Your maintenance might look different than the steps that other people take, but remember its better to err on the side of caution and embrace too many recovery options, than not enough. A good example is the person who chooses to attend all of their aftercare therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and throws in meetings and an additional appointment for therapy in the week. To many, this might seem excessive, but when you’re committed to recovery, it might seem like just enough to keep you going strong.

Speaking of commitment, it’s another essential element in your recovery journey, and for those who haven’t quite committed yet, overcoming an addiction is nearly impossible. When you’re trying to be strategic in the planning of your aftercare program, consider activities that you can do with others in recovery from addiction so you can keep your commitment to your journey on the top of the priority list.

You Can’t Cure Addiction, but You Can Control It

Part of the reason that experts are finding that addiction is a chronic condition is that it never really seems to go away. Once you’re hooked, you’re always going to be. You might be able to stop using or drinking for life, but there will be times, even many years down the line that you are going to have a terrible time of keeping your resolutions. This often complicates things for those who believe that they will enter treatment addicted and come out cured. They won’t. It’s not like that.

The good news, though, is that while you can’t cure addiction, you definitely can and should control it. Lifestyle changes, continued commitment toward your recovery journey including individual and group therapy, meetings, and spending time with others in the addiction recovery community are all excellent steps that you can take to help manage your addiction.

You might also find that you need to do things to help you stay stress-free and decompress. Things like practicing Yoga and regular working out can make a huge difference in how stressed you feel. Plus, they will help to keep you from feeling bored and beaten down. Getting plenty of sleep and eating right have also been found to be beneficial to addiction recovery.

Many experts agree that in an effort to stay as connected as possible to your personal recovery journey, you should also add things that work for you, and maybe you alone. It doesn’t really matter how you get to recovery, as long as you get there. So if you find that drawing hearts all over your walls is satisfying and keeps you from using or drinking, then do it. The point is that recovery, is as individual as you are, so you should embrace your willingness to find ways to help yourself keep from using or drinking.

The Right Treatment Makes a Difference

While many people will tell you that you can do all you need to do to overcome your addiction on your own, this isn’t usually the case. All too often, we need help and guidance to get us on the right track toward a healthy recovery journey, and that’s where a great addiction treatment program can come in handy.

Remember, in order to manage any condition, you have to first treat it and get it under control. Addiction rehab and detox is that treatment that you need to get things under control. In other words, you’re eliminating the toxic effects of your addiction by going through detox. A medically supervised detox process can help you get through it much more comfortably, but you’re going to have to go through it in order to get to the next step.

Once you’ve cleansed your system of the source of your addiction, you’re going to have to put your addiction through treatment to begin to understand it and bring it to a low simmer. Essentially, for now, your addiction is still there, and you’re still having a tough time with cravings, but you’re treating it, so hopefully, it won’t boil over. You’re learning how to deal with cravings and urges, and steps to take to help remove you from the things that many you want to get your hands on that which you’re desperately craving.

In all this, you’re going to want to know that you have an amazing rehab on your side so you feel like you’re really treating your addiction and not just waiting to go back to life. That’s where we can help. Not only do we believe that everyone who needs it should get addiction treatment, but we also know that everyone is different, and there are thousands of options when it comes to the addiction treatment you need.

Our insurance professionals help to decode the tough stuff so you don’t have to. Once we know what’s covered, and how much you’ll have to come up with for the treatment program of your choice, we’ll get to know you and your preferences so we can recommend some amazing rehab facilities for you to choose from.

At Elite Rehab Placement, we get addiction, and we get that choosing a rehab is one of the hardest, scariest things you’ll ever have to do. Addiction is scary, but recovery is terrifying. We can help you get started.

Now that you know that there is no true way to cure addiction, but that you can and should learn how to manage it so it doesn’t get in the way of your healthy, happy life, isn’t it time to take the next step and find a great rehab? Give us a call today and find out how we can help!