Everyone Gets High, Right? The Truth Behind Your Loved One’s Lies


Withdrawal SymptomsIf you have an addicted loved one, it’s going to seem from their stories that everyone gets high, right? After all, you’re not around all of that stuff, but if your addicted loved one tells you that everyone everywhere uses or drinks casually, you might be pretty likely to believe it. Especially when you don’t realize that your loved one is battling an addiction.

The thing is, as you go along and you see that your addicted loved one does, in fact, have a problem, you might be a little less likely to believe what he says. Yet, somehow, that conversation about how everyone gets high that happened so long ago sticks in your head.

So, is it true? Do all kinds of people use and drink to excess occasionally? Could it be your neighbor, or your boss who gets high and out of control every now and then?

There is some truth to the idea that everyone gets high

You should know that there is some truth to the idea that everyone gets high at some point. Maybe you never did, but maybe you were a bit of a drinker for a while. Maybe you only tried pot a couple times, or took an ecstasy once or twice. It could be that you used some Adderall to help you get through your college finals.

The point is that even though you don’t consider yourself to be a “user,” or addict, chances are even you, or your siblings, or even your parents have done something in their lives that might be considered to be shady.

So, when your loved one tells you that everyone gets high, you might find some truth to this statement. It’s normal. Lots of people at least experiment. It’s normal, and usually a stage of life, but not everyone abuses substances or alcohol the way your addicted loved one likes to tell you they do.

So, how do you find the truth from the lies?

If you’re left scratching your head about addiction, and the many people who struggle with it, you’re not alone. If you’re affected by it, you’re going to wonder if you’re the only one who is. What you need to know is that even though everyone gets high, not everyone battles an addiction, but lots and lots of people do struggle with an addiction.

In fact, you might be surprised to find that almost every family struggles with an addiction. So, you’re not alone in your struggles. That being said, is it true that everyone gets high? Maybe not everyone gets high, but lots and lots of people do. Not everyone gets addicted, but lots of people do. Knowing the difference, and learning how it affects you and your life can help you to understand how to cope with the effects that addiction has had on your life.