The dangers, effects, and risks of drugs can be assessed based on various factors like use, dosage, the purpose of use, drug type. Those drugs which fall under Schedule I and II are the most dangerous if not used according to purpose and prescription. Then again, despite the labeling and the classifications, there are more specific conditions wherein drug combinations can be extra toxic and lethal to a person. Drug overdose and drug interaction are two different conditions which can become deadly for the user. Mixing substances and taking too much, in either case, can end up in tragedy.

What is Drug Interaction?

Signs of Teen Drug AbuseA drug interaction can yield different results. There are many different types of substances out in the market being used by different individuals. All these substances elicit varied results for the individuals taking it. Next to these different effects from substances, are a new level of reactions and effects produced the moment an individual mixes substance with one another. The lethal and toxic effects of these interactions will likely manifest even if the individual taking it is not aware of it. Mixing drugs could possibly lead to also a mixture of varying effects.

Not all kinds and types of drug interactions are the same. There are those interactions which yield a minor impact on your health, while there are also those which yield a moderate or severe health impact. Those with a moderate health impact might require you to adjust your drug regimen to temper the consequences and effects of the drug interaction. Those which yield more severe impact might be advised to be taken off from your drug regimen to avoid any lethal or deadly consequences.

There are also instances wherein illicit drugs are combined with different kinds of substances. These combinations are tried out to get a better high, without considering the potential harm it can cause to the body and brain. Different drug interactions are extremely hazardous. For example, mixing alcohol with opiates, both being depressants, would result in a greatly magnified depressant effect. The mixing of these two depressants can actually lead to the shutting down of one’s central nervous system, which could, in turn, result in cardiac arrest and/or death.

These are examples of dangerous drug interactions:

  • When two drugs interact, the total result of either or both of the drugs may be magnified. Examples of these drugs with magnified effects include Coumadin (Warfarin). This drug is a blood thinner and is used to protect against heart attack by preventing the formation of blood clots. If you use this drug together with another blood thinner, you might experience excessive bleeding.
  • There are also instances wherein the total effect of one or both drugs are less than the desired effect. Example of this combination would be antacids and heart medications, antibiotics, and blood- thinner. Since some of these drugs workby preventing other drugs from being absorbed into the bloodstream, either of the drugs won’t work at all.
  • Minerals and Vitamins can also interact with other medicines you’re taking. For instance, the ferrous sulfate (iron supplements) you’re taking can hamper the effects of common antibiotics. Some food and drinks, like grapefruit juice, can also stop the body from breaking down some medications. This means that the medicine that was not broken down, may stay longer in your system.
  • Alcohol can also interact with different kinds of medicine and are specifically risky to take together with prescription painkillers, sleeping pills, sedatives, and stimulants. Both alcohol and pain relievers can result in slow breathing, hence, taking too much of these two substances simultaneously could literally stop one from breathing.

 Drug Overdose

Drug overdose happens when an individual takes too much of an addictive substance, leading to a variety of substance reactions. A drug overdose can come from different substances and can vary depending on the amount taken. The stronger and more potent ones, like opiates, can lead to a faster overdose compared to less potent drugs. Aside from this, drug overdose can also come from drug interactions, depending on the kind of substances taken and how much was ingested at once.

What Both Conditions, Drug Interaction or Drug Overdose, Could Indicate

Both drug overdose and drug interaction can be toxic and can lead to death. To avoid deadly interactions, it’s important to know how these different substances interact before even trying to take them at the same time. For those individuals who mix drugs to get a better kind of high, it’s best that they get help from addiction treatment facilities as soon as possible.

In the case of people overdosing on drugs, this can indicate that the individual is in dire need of help and treatment for his substance abuse issues. To stop any deadly effects, it is always best to enroll in an addiction treatment facility before any fatal consequence occurs.

Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or Your Loved One

If your family member has overdosed on drugs or is mixing dangerous substances, he needs urgent help. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek treatment, call Elite Rehab Placement now.