Drug Detox – Is Your Loved One Going Through it and Not Telling You?


Drug detox. It’s something that anyone who wants to overcome an addiction to any kind of substance will have to go through. It can be a scary and uncomfortable time. If you have a loved one who battles a substance addiction, you might find that they decide to go through detox all alone. The thing is, if your loved one doesn’t tell you what’s happening, you won’t be able to help if it’s necessary.

So, how do you know if your loved one has chosen to go through drug detox? Do you know the symptoms of detoxing from drugs? Why should you be in the know, anyway?

Drug detox can be dangerous

You might not realize what drug detox is like, but consider this: when you’re taking a prescription medication for a while, like a painkiller, your doctor will likely step you down from it gradually. Why? Because you could experience some negative withdrawal symptoms. You’re not addicted, so why would you notice these symptoms? Because the body can quickly develop a physical dependence to these medications.

If your loved one is going through drug detox alone, chances are, he has chosen to stop taking his drug of choice cold turkey. Since he doesn’t have the benefit of cutting down on his addiction gradually, suddenly stopping is the only choice he has.

Detox can cause your loved one to experience everything from fever and chills, to sweating and vomiting or diarrhea, to seizures in extreme cases. The blood pressure can increase and in severe cases of detox, it is even possible to slip into a coma.

All the more reason to know what your loved one is going through

So, what do you do if your loved one chooses not to tell you about going through detox? When you know the signs, you can help your loved one by making sure that he stays hydrated and popping in on him periodically to check up and make sure that everything is okay. If your loved one lives with you, you’ll undoubtedly be doing more nursing than you might hope for, but when you consider that this is your addicted loved one’s attempt to cleanse his system so he can start getting clean and sober, it’s worth it to be there to help.

Drug detox isn’t fun. It’s not pleasant, but too many people try to go through it all alone. Don’t let your addicted loved one attempt this journey alone. Even if he chooses not to tell you, learn to spot the signs so you can help him on this first part of his recovery journey.