Do You Qualify for Rehab?

opioid addictionDo you qualify for rehab? Do you have a substance problem? Do you need the kind of intensive help a rehab program can give you? Is your problem enough of a problem for you to go to a treatment program?

These sorts of questions are very normal and very appropriate if you have begun to consider treatment for a substance problem. Remember, there’s no reason to know the answers if you haven’t been to rehab before. Your job is to have the questions and to take them to people who can help you answer them. And, as they say, there are no stupid questions. Too many of us hesitate to acknowledge our lack of knowledge about such important things, but it’s extremely important that you have any and all your questions about rehab and if it’s appropriate for you answered to your satisfaction. Below are some points that may help you further your exploration of whether rehab is right for you.

What’s the Problem Seem to Be?

Let’s start with what the problem is that makes you think about going to rehab in the first place:

  1. Do you worry about your substance use?
  2. Do others have concerns about your substance use?
  3. Do you use more than you want to?
  4. Have you tried to stop or cut back but were unsuccessful?
  5. Have bad things happened because of substance use?

What are the Consequences o Using for You?

Consider what substance use has caused to happen in your life:

  • Have you lost a job, been written up, reprimanded or been performing poorly?
  • Have you gotten into financial trouble?
  • Are you having conflict in your relationships, or have you lost relationships?
  • Is your physical or mental health declining?
  • Have you lost interest in your previous friends, activities, hobbies, passions or pursuits?
  • Do you use substances when you shouldn’t?
  • Is one too many and a 2000 sometimes never enough?
  • Do you hide your use of the extent of your use?

How Do You Feel About Your Life?

Overall, how do you feel about the life you have? Are you happy with how you live? Are there significant changes you’d like to make, but you aren’t sure you can manage? Do you feel you’ve gotten off track and can’t seem to get yourself headed in the right direction again? Is it sometimes hard to take one more step in keeping things together? If you can’t have the life you want and substance use is a part of your life, you should ask for help. Call a hotline or referral service like Elite Rehab Placement and talk to trained consultants about your situation. They can help point you in the right direction for the right help. Or, reach out to a healthcare provider and discuss things, or turn to a trusted family member or friend. Help is out there awaiting your reach for it.