There are many recovering addicts who find that they encounter triggers throughout their sobriety and their recovery. Sometimes these triggers can bring on many cravings that are unexpected and this can bring them to needing to prevent a relapse from happening. The great thing is that there has been a lot of research done as to how recovering and sober addicts can distract themselves so that they can prevent a relapse. The tips that are mentioned for these distraction techniques have been very successful. If you are at a point in your sobriety and recovery where you need to prevent a relapse, distracting yourself might just be what you need at that time.

What are some of the various tips for distracting yourself during your recovery and sobriety to prevent a relapse?

distracting yourself

Distracting yourself might be the key to preventing a relapse.

When you are living in recovery and sobriety from your addiction, there might be times when your cravings are at a high and you might need to fight off a relapse. This happens to many sober and recovering addicts. The way to stay on the top of it is to be prepared. The great thing is that there are many tips for distracting yourself in order to prevent a relapse that could really help you out. Some of these great tips that you can use for doing this include  the following:

  • Find distractions that are healthy for you (this could include going for a walk, eating a healthy snack, etc.).
  • Use your thoughts and imagination (research has shown that thinking about an interesting distraction is often enough to push aside those cravings you are having).
  • Research has also shown that solving problems can help as a great distraction technique (getting the mind focused on something that needs to be solved and then solving that problem can improve self-confidence and distract from the cravings too).
  • Plan out regular distractions (if you know that you get cravings on certain days or at certain times, plan a distraction so you are already prepared).

These are some of the best tips that any recovering addict can use for distracting themselves so that they can prevent a relapse. It is very common for a recovering and sober addict to have triggers and cravings. However, you don’t have to give into any of those temptations. You deserve and you have the right to stay in control and that is exactly what you are able to do by using these distracting techniques.