Detoxing On Your Own – You Might Not Die, but You Might Not Accomplish a Full Detox, Either


Detoxing on your own makes sense, right? No matter whether it’s alcohol, heroin, or cocaine, getting clean of the toxin is your job and your private issue. You know when to seek help. You know the process, and what might happen, but do you know that this type of detox can actually derail your recovery progress and make it tougher to get clean and sober?

Oh, sure, you’ve probably heard and read all kinds of side effects of going through detox by yourself. You should make no mistake, detoxing alone is dangerous. There are significant risks. Alcohol can be one of the worst, but each type of detox carries the risk of high blood pressure, extremely severe flu-like symptoms, fever, dehydration and damage to the organs.

These risks are just some of the reasons why detoxing on your own is so dangerous. They are part of why you need to have a plan in place.

Not the only problem with detoxing on your own

So, maybe you know how to detox yourself from alcohol, but do you know what will happen when you’re done? Do you even know for sure that you’ll be able to make it through on your own? Lots of people simply don’t make it through the process. They get through most of it, and simply cannot handle it anymore. So, they go back to drinking or using because, for the short term, it simply feels better.

Of course, the rational you knows that you’re simply making your addiction worse and that you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of dangers, like alcohol poisoning or overdose. But, the misery of self-detox is just more than you can handle.

Boosting your chances

Even when you’re going through detox by yourself, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of making it through without relapse so you can start the next stage of your recovery. By having someone with you, you’re increasing the chances that you won’t drink or use again. Having more than one friend or family member with you can increase your chances of making it through even more.

Medical care can help, too. When your health care provider knows what’s going on, and can offer help, even if it’s halfway through, you might find that the process is easier, too. In fact, in some cases, he may be able to prescribe medication to help make detoxing on your own much easier than you imagined.

Failing these options, consider a detox facility. You’ll be monitored by healthcare professionals who are caring and professional. You’ll be able to stay hydrated, have your organ function monitored and might even be able to benefit from medical intervention when you choose a detox facility.

Detoxing on your own is never easy, but when you’re prepared and know what to expect, you can increase your chances for success and get started on your recovery journey in a healthy way.